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OMRON to acquire industrial camera maker Sentech

OMRON Corporation, a global developer of industrial automation products, has announced that it has agreed to acquire Sentech Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial cameras, in a deal that will be completed on July 3, 2017.

Based in Ebina, Sentech develops machine vision systems for industrial applications, as well as cameras for various medical and laboratory applications, and markets them globally. The company offers a comprehensive range of industrial cameras, including more than 200 models, developed through its advanced camera design technology that enables compact design, high speed, and superb image quality.

With Sentech joining its group, OMRON will acquire ultra-compact high-resolution cameras, along with related design and development technologies. “By combining OMRON’s various industrial robots and quality inspection systems with Sentech’s cameras, it will become possible to integrate these advanced cameras into any stage of manufacturing, from processing and assembly to inspection. This will enable exchange of image data between many different processes. In this way, OMRON will aim to realize innovative manufacturing environments with significantly enhanced quality and productivity,” a statement issued by OMRON said.

Through the acquisition of Sentech, OMRON plans to develop an ultra-compact and high-definition smart camera that can be easily installed virtually anywhere. A variety of applications are possible, such as using robots to reduce labour in the assembly process; integrating optical sensors in simplified camera configurations; and creating individual product management systems for product quality traceability.

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