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WAGO launches Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks – TOPJOB S in India


In various industrial applications and modern building installations, rail-mounted terminal blocks are expected to provide more than just reliable electrical connections.

And of course all the time-saving features and industry-leading performance of the TOPJOB S Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks are backed by the reliability of Push-in CAGE CLAMP. This is WAGO’s spring pressure connection technology that accommodates all conductor types; what’s more, there may be no need to prepare the conductor before termination (depending on conductor type). For example, solid and stranded conductors, as well as fine-stranded conductors with ferrules, are terminated by simply pushing them in. WAGO’s Push-in CAGE CLAMP features industry-leading safety reserves, allowing you to use a single rail-mounted terminal block system anywhere in the world in virtually any type of applications.

TOPJOB S also offers the advantages of a multifunctional range of jumpers, providing the right solution for any type of application. Additionally, the line is compatible with the fastest marking system to not only help lower costs, but also provide additional safety and reliability through control cabinet labeling that is abundantly clear to prevent wiring errors.

WAGO’s TOPJOB S Rail-Mounted Terminal Block System also features a wide and flexible product line. In addition to single-deck terminal blocks with a large cross-section range to 0.14 to 25 (24–4 AWG), double- and triple-deck terminal blocks as well as function blocks are also available for any type of application: fuse, disconnect, test, electric motor wiring, diode and LED terminal blocks, as well as pluggable terminal blocks. TOPJOB S Installation Terminal Blocks provide fast and safe installation for building wiring applications.

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