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India Manufacturing Show focussed on ‘Make in India’ goal across 25 sectors

India Manufacturing Show focussed on ‘Make in India’ goal across 25 sectors

October 12, 2022 1:45 pm

IMS 2022 happens to be a catalyst for the manufacturing sector’s acceleration by bringing together the best minds, technologies, and best practises from around the world.

A number of initiatives have already been undertaken to ease the business environment. Make in India’ recognizes ‘ease of doing business’ as the single most important factor to promote entrepreneurship. IMS 2022 with the core theme “Made in India, Made for the World” offered participating companies a unique, never before platform to exhibit products, services, technologies and innovations for knowledge transfer and business collaborations. The event provided excellent business and knowledge sharing opportunities for all participants.

“Customers are searching for quick and efficient rotary tables that enable the operator to drill or cut work at exact intervals around a fixed (usually horizontal or vertical) axis. We launched several tables—items that have been around for a while—to meet customer demands. We upgraded them, and to meet market demands, we integrated some features in our products that support the current trend. One of our divisions, Nimble machine, has also launched a gear Hobbing Spiral Bevel gear generator, where we integrated some of the things in accordance with customer requests. We have launched a new product line that is an improvement over our existing products, and we can see that many of the products are more compact, lighter in weight, and the reliability and performance of this table has improved. And these are very simple for the customer to install, and they improve the machine’s performance and productivity.

IMS 2022 was held at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) during September 2022. India Manufacturing Show is India’s premier trade fair for manufacturing, engineering and related sectors. The event happens to be a catalyst for the manufacturing sector’s acceleration by bringing together the best minds, technologies, and best practices from around the world.” said Vijay Zaritaklikar Head – Sales & Service UCAM India Pvt. Ltd.

“Now the world is growing digital, since traditional automation used to be rather extensive such as HMI in PLC. This is causing a digital transition in manufacturing. Digital technology is a major theme throughout IMS as mostly all the booths are displaying digital transformation technologies.Consequently, the new technologies that are emerging in the future include AR, VR, autonomous mobile robots, collaborative robots, IoT, and digital trends. It is good that people are accepting it.” explained Srinath K. President, International Society of Automation.

“The emerging technologies are entering India and Indian businesses are adopting these technologies. Company is experimenting with collaborative robotics, autonomous mobile robots, and systems based on artificial intelligence. As a result, collaborative robotics and AI-based visual inspection systems were displaced. We are attempting to address labour issues in the manufacturing sector. There’s been a huge boom trending with people adopting these technologies. The big companies are investing in large corporations, and SMEs are also investing in these kinds of automation.” told Srinivas Kesari Senior Solution Consultant, MAC Machine Tools and Automation.

“The company is in the clamping business, and one particular innovation was a magnetic plate. This is not a novel idea that ought to be available now. It is novel because instead of the usual soft epoxy solution ceiling, we have a metal ceiling that derives its strength from the magnetic field. Now we have to come up with a larger range and more varieties. We are now delivering a great deal to the automation business, the Industry 4.0 where the sensors and everything should be managed and monitored. We observe that clients need more from vendors than just a product. They desire solutions that would boost their workers’ safety, productivity, working conditions, output or speed of production, and other factors as well.” said Vishwanath Ammanagi Managing Director, Andreas Maier Workholding Technology Pvt. Ltd.

“Pragati Transmission Pvt. Ltd. is now focusing on the E- Mobility business as transformation from the conventional engine driven vehicles to battery driven vehicles with a gearbox is happening across. In this particular industry, changes are happening with some modification. The company manufactures gear for different segments, which include automotive, machine tools, aerospace and defense. We use modern manufacturing technologies so that the products meet or exceed the customer quality requirements at a competitive price. Company always keeps an eye on the latest development on Gear technology & adopts it as quickly as possible. This gives us an edge over the gear manufacturers. Company is also planning for Planetary gear boxes manufacturing with customised design including robotic applications.” shared Prakash D. Kadam Managing Director, Pragati Transmission Pvt. Ltd.

“The company is concentrating on the Work Holding solution, which is an essential element thinking about high speed machining. Real growth is being witnessed in the aerospace sector. As a result, the kind of machinery that produces the kind of energy and power is producing the cutting metal which is changing as the technology develops. The clamping solution is made to survive this kind of procedure. It provides the outcome which the clients and final consumers of those particular goods anticipate. As a result, concentration is mostly directed at high speed five axis and three axis milling machines. The emphasis on little components that may be clumped into several arrays can be integrated with these kinds of machines enhancing productivity for the customer.” explained ChetanSawant Managing Director, Ahire Machine Tool Pvt. Ltd.

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