NORD DRIVESYSTEMS manufacturing QR code-enabled products

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS manufacturing QR code-enabled products

July 4, 2023 4:32 pm

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS revolutionises customer service with QR code-equipped products, providing customers direct access to their country organisation’s customer service. This innovative approach enhances communication and support, allowing users to conveniently connect with dedicated teams for prompt assistance.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has introduced a convenient service feature for its customers, utilising QR codes on their products. By scanning the QR code with a mobile device, customers gain direct access to their country organisation’s service department. This ensures efficient communication, as the customer’s language and the specific drive solution are displayed to the contact person for competent support. Additionally, customers can access a range of digital services through the QR code, providing them with further options. Jörg Niermann, Head of Marketing, highlights the simplicity and versatility of this new approach, emphasising its benefits for customers seeking easy access to NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ service department.

Navigate to documentation
Customers can conveniently access documentation and a list of potential spare parts for their drive component by using its serial number. They can navigate to these resources, as well as contact their relevant sales department or directly access the myNORD customer portal. The drive component’s serial number serves as a preset, linking all subsequent information related to it, providing customers with a seamless and comprehensive experience.

Start with effect from the LogiMAT trade show 
NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will start the QR code system with effect from the LogiMAT trade show by the end of April. Drive components with QR codes will be supplied from then on and offer the abovementioned advantages. “At the same time, we are working on further services. For example, we intend to inform our customers of digital updates for their frequency inverters via ‘Digital services’”, says Niermann.