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DMG MORI strengthens digitised production

DMG MORI is showing the entire scope of its technology competence. The 9,000 international trade visitors will be able to see 70 high-tech machines across 8,500 sq.m of exhibition space, including the new NTX 3000 as a world premiere, as well as innovative manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing.

The open house exhibition’s central theme is the ‘Path of Digitisation’, by which DMG MORI is promoting the digital transformation in machine building worldwide. The company is actively shaping digitised production by the APP-based control and operating environment CELOS as well as exclusive technology cycles and Powertools.

More than 10,000 DMG MORI machines fitted with CEL

OS have been supplied so far. Moreover, DMG MORI is offering its customers and suppliers an integrated and open digital solution with the open, digital platform ADAMOS. Short-term over 100 customers will be connected to the new IIoT platform and all DMG MORI machines will operate with total connectivity.

At the end of 2017, DMG MORI acquired WERKBLiQ GmbH from Bielefeld with its 20-strong team as a further milestone of its digitisation strategy. WERKBLiQ offers a non-proprietary platform where all those involved in the maintenance process can be linked to one another. The WERKBLiQ user interface allows machine operators to access all the important data and key figures in individual dashboards at the click of a button.

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