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Cloud connectivity creates new opportunities and business models

Cloud connectivity creates new opportunities and business models

October 1, 2022 4:16 pm

IIoT brings exciting opportunities for OEMs in the form of new business models that help them add more growth to their business.

IIoT relevance for modern businesses 

IIoT is a revolutionary technology that is widespread in every industry segment. Today, OEMs and End Users are implementing IIOT in their manufacturing ecosystem to connect faster to the world of smart connectivity and innovating themselves to focus on securing major market share in future. To remain competitive in the long term, plant operators are under constant pressure to get more and more out of their equipment. Heralded as a silver bullet in this pursuit is the Industrial Internet of Things. Even in the short term, IIoT capabilities can substantially boost efficiency. The IIoT also brings exciting opportunities for OEMs in the form of new business models, which help them to add more growth to their business.


IIoT advantages to staying competitive in the market

 Adapting to newer technologies is now the aim of every OEM. The more the technology is hassle-free, the market is open to adapting it. IIoT implementation might sound a bit complex, but looking at the vast future scope, this is now the technical need that fills your technological gap; thus, every manufacturer is interested in it. IIOT is a way that can provide data from multiple field devices like sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together with industrial computer applications, including manufacturing and energy management. This connectivity allows for data collection, exchange, and analysis, providing higher productivity, efficiency, and other economic benefits. The IIoT allows for a higher degree of automation by using cloud computing to refine and optimise the process controls from the field and connect them to the cloud. Also, cloud connectivity creates new opportunities and business models by allowing OEMs to read data from machines in the field and notify operators of impending problems.


Challenges of IIoT and securing from cyberattacks 

Transferring data from the machine controller to the cloud requires a connection to the Internet. This, however, makes it susceptible to cyberattacks. Machines with cloud connectivity, therefore, need special protection. Before the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT), machine controllers communicated only each other or with higher-level systems inside the company network. And direct connection to the Internet was rare. Machine builders earlier had no reason to concern themselves with the topic of cybersecurity. IIoT forms the solution to prevent any malware practices and protects the data from cyberattacks. The easiest way to prevent cyberattacks is to put your data behind firewalls and use secure vendor-independent protocols like OPCUA is an effective way to defend yourself. Cyber security is now the prime concern for any manufacturer or business entity, especially with the growing threats to businesses; equipped with a robust security solution is essential. Thus, cybersecurity is the prime need to stay in business and avoid any data breach.


IIoT applications help resolve system failures and downtime resulting in high-risk situations. 

We know IIoT technologies connect multiple field sensing devices, data transmission devices, computing edges, analytic software, and cloud platforms to constitute a seamless connection circle. For manufacturing processes to run smoothly, Seamless connectivity is always the need of every manufacturer. IIoT helps you keep your machines healthy with timely alarms, optimise the use of assets, predict failure points, and even trigger maintenance processes. These are some of the basic steps in controlling system failure. Apart from these, remote monitoring, sensors, data analytics, and realtime intelligence is helping those who manufacture and have critical assets to avoid downtime with proper maintenance technologies. B&R offers a complete hardware and software solution, comprehensive service, and hardearned expertise in the automation and digitalisation of machinery and equipment. B&R advanced technology and commitment to standards like OPC UA and IEC 61850 help OEM meet emerging market requirements in the areas of IIoT solutions. This helps streamline compliance with the increasingly vigorous environmental regulations of every industry. With extensive training and support as well as engineering and technical expertise, our team collaborates with high-profile projects with OEMs and end users in various industries worldwide.



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