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If you can’t measure it reliably, you can’t  control it !

If you can’t measure it reliably, you can’t control it !

September 2, 2022 4:56 pm

Manas Phadnis, Senior Manager-Global & Strategic Accounts, VEGA India Level and Pressure Measurement Pvt. Ltd., says control is the most critical aspects. One of the essential things for aiding control is measurement. 

You can’t control what is not measured however if your measurement isn’t reliable it will be a disaster. This is where VEGA creates a difference by measuring reliably continuously !

About VEGA 

VEGA is a 60 year old company focusing solely on level and pressure solutions in all Industry segments. We are industry experts continuously developing innovative Level & Pressure solutions for both Liquids & Solids. 

Automation techniques using radiation-based measurement solutions 

When we talk about automation, we are always talking about control. Control is most likely one of the most critical aspects. One of the essential things for aiding control is measurement. Our automation is entirely focused on reliable measurement When we talk about critical level measurement sometimes the standard Level measurement techniques cannot be used, here the Radiometric measurements come into picture and we do the measurement from outside. We don’t get into the process; we do everything from the outside. There is a gamma source, and there is a detector where we measure the counts that are coming from the radiation. It’s a challenging subject, to be honest& sometimes the sources are even placed inside the vessel inside a drywell to reduce source strength but detectors are outside. This is also known as the last resort when you can’t do measurements with the traditional means. The source Model VEGASOURCE 8X is new & latest in the industry.


The 6X® – One model for liquids and solids 

The 6X® is the big thing in the industry, VEGA has developed a technology that can measure both liquids and solids with a single model. And this is where VEGAPULS 6X comes into play. No one else in the industry has even considered having a single model for liquids and solids. VEGAPULS 6X is new for us, and VEGASOURCE 8X in Radiometric measurement is also new. This will change the way industry looks at level measurement in future.


Trends visible in measurement and expansion plans 

We discovered in 2014 that 80 GHz is the future. This year, we have launched the 2nd generation of the 80 GHz with the The 6X®. In the industry, IoT and AI are still evolving. It will take some time because it is still in adolescence. In terms of expansion plans, we are attempting to incorporate many new trends, such as IoT and AI, into our devices. That is one of them, and our factory at Pune is also expanding in terms of production capacity including exporting to other world areas.

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