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Jyoti CNC Automation produces 5-Axis products  in India

Jyoti CNC Automation produces 5-Axis products in India

August 1, 2022 12:23 pm

Vikas Soni, Regional ManagerSales Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd. says Jyoti is the only company in India that can produce 5-Axis products today. Huron is a subsidiary unit of Jyoti CNC after the takeover in 2007.


Products and Solutions 

Jyoti CNC specialises in manufacturing metal cutting machines, including turning turmoil, vertical machining sector, and horizontal machining centre. Jyoti is the only company in India that can produce 5-Axis products. We have displayed all of the machining centres and turning centres. We recently launched a machine called Teikyon that can perform fast drilling and tapping, which is required in the electronics and auto industries. Previously, when a machine could do a specific job in 10 minutes, we could save 25 per cent of our time by using these machines.


Application solutions available for aerospace, automotive or die & mould industries 

Different machines are required in each of the three sectors. We have a dedicated product range that covers all three sectors. Fast processing speeds and air-spindle RPM are required in die and mould. We designed various spindles to allow dies to be completed in a single status. We have window machining centres up to nine meters long to serve the aerospace industry, and Huron has extensive experience serving the aerospace industry. So, that legacy is also with us, assisting us in the auto industry, which always requires components at a lower cost. As a result, they need more automation and faster production. So we have products catering to that segment for more rapid machining at a lower price, and automation is a part of that.


Features of CNC machining centres and vertical line CNC machines

 The most important characteristics required nowadays are accuracy, rigidity, and precision. All three factors must be present in a single machine. Previously, customers would perform roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations on various devices. The customer now wants all three operations performed on a single machine. As a result, we are developing machines that combine accuracy, rigidity, and precision in a single machine. They can produce parts in a single location, saving space, money, and manpower. These are the demanding requirements. It necessitates the use of cutting-edge measurement technology. We can say that the latest cutting tools and spindles can save money.


The technology used to manufacture machines. The technology used to make the items is resistant to specific designs. The technology is determined by design and acceptability in terms of accuracy, repeatability, and rigidity. A machine is made up of several components. The technology itself is something that is part of machine manufacturing. It has its criteria, like graded plastics, better machining tolerances, etc., and is a mix of them. This completes the machine and provides the customer with the appropriate type of solution. Technology is used in the machine-building process. Machine construction has its design factor, and combining the two will increase customer productivity.


Cobots in manufacturing and production processes 

Cobots help to save the workforce, and the cost of cobots is very appealing to all CNC users. As a result, it is now the primary requirement of all mass policy component manufacturing. We are also working on automation, which is already integrated throughout the machine rather than being a separate component. Today, cobots are in high demand.


Opportunities ahead 

Over the years in exhibitions, many customers have visited us. All customers are eager to see what technology and development newly. There is a huge requirement in the electronic industry; we are improving with our offers in the auto industry, and the automation demand is also very high. Following the China plus one picture, we see good orders in the Die and Mould Industry. I would say that we have a lot of opportunities ahead of us. There are similar challenges. What we’re talking about here is that this technology will help us overcome challenges and meet the needs of our customers. The customer’s requirements have changed over the years due to increased competition and the availability of skilled labour, and all of these are challenges with automation upgrades. With the latest technology, you get more productivity. So, we provide total solutions to the industry rather than just selling a few machines.

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