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SigmaNEST promises to get maximum process yield


Using an amalgamation of computer science, advanced mathematics, electrical engineering, elemental physics and lean manufacturing methodology, SigmaNEST nesting software provides the fabricator with the maximum possible yield, using less material for the same production output.
Shekhar Erande, Operations Director, SigmaTEK Systems

Founded in 1993, SigmaTEK Systems is an elite software firm with the flagship product, SigmaNEST, a premier nesting software system, recognised by metal fabricators and manufacturers globally. Shekhar Erande, Operations Director of SigmaTEK Systems shares how SigmaNEST automates the fabrication and manufacturing process to get maximum process yield.

A brief about your industry sector
In general terms, nesting software is used by the metal forming and fabrication sector to allow companies to optimise their material use, machine capacity, manpower and processing data, generating tens of billions of dollars worldwide. Metal forming, fabrication and manufacturing companies process millions of tonnes of sheet materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, and composites into structural and component parts. Industries including aerospace, mining, automotive, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy and power, electronics, and others use these parts to build products, cars, buses, infrastructure, space stations, staplers, appliances, homes, high-rises – basically everything around us. This also true for wood, stone ad composite material cutting through our SigmaNEST software.

Your product’s role in this sector
The process fabricators used to form and cut the often complex parts include bending and punching along with cutting processes such as laser, plasma, oxyfuel, and waterjet. ‘Nesting’ refers to the process of laying out the cutting patterns for multiple parts in order to minimise raw material waste on the sheets being formed or cut. Nesting software, such as SigmaNEST, automates the entire process and instructs the forming and/or cutting machine of all paths (and in what order) to best leverage the raw material, the machine, and the time available to produce the required parts in proper quantities. Using an amalgamation of computer science, advanced mathematics, electrical engineering, elemental physics and lean manufacturing methodology, SigmaNEST nesting software provides the fabricator with the maximum possible yield, using less material for the same production output and thereby lowering the cost per part and improving productivity.

SigmaTEK’s entire software brand family supports the fabrication and manufacturing sector, providing optimisation tools ranging from nesting all the way to complete shop floor automation: SigmaMRP (resource planning), SigmaMXP (manufacturing execution system), SigmaTube, SigmaBEND and SimTRANS. SigmaTEK products and services ensure fabricators of superior material utilisation, machine motion optimisation, and maximum part quality balanced with cutting speed, work flow integration, material handling, accurate estimates and information management. In November 2018, SigmaTEK will launch a product so innovative that it will once again revolutionise the fabrication sector.

Way ahead for your company
With forecasts showing that steel production in India will nearly double by 2030 and infrastructure, oil, gas and automotive driving steel production growth and the resultant fabrication industry growth, I believe there has been an increase in need for our products and services; it is inevitable. India’s metal fabrication sector is booming, the competition is fierce, and every fabrication business and manufacturer seek advantages – whether it is the talent of their people, the machines they use, the raw materials they buy, the processes they follow, or the nesting software they use. As customers’ demands grow, material costs of steel remain unstable; many companies are making large machine investments to stay competitive. High precision laser and plasma machines running at full capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week are no longer uncommon with my customers. Achieving profitable returns on those machine investments means optimisation. Optimising material, machine capacity, manpower and efficiency are the basis for every product and service that SigmaTEK offers. The more challenges my customers bring to me, and the more solutions I provide to them further convinces me that the future for SigmaTEK is as bright as India’s booming fabrication industry.

Automation technology such as SigmaNEST nesting software and SigmaTEK’s shop resource planning solutions allow our customers to be more productive while saving money and decreasing waste. We have 25 years of proven, quantified results, and that’s the bottom-line. Once people see the numbers and realise what they’re not getting from their current situation, investing in SigmaTEK’s premier solutions is no longer seen as a risk.

Customer feedback
Pro-arc plasma manufacturer created history by selling more than 100 machines within year due to partnership with SigmaNEST. Every buyer wants to have the best software along with machine. Our major customers include Indian railway, Titagarh Wagons, Sany Heavy Engineering, L&T who are getting. Prime Laser, Pune, Suri Auto, Dharwad and many more companies have installed SigmaNEST, and immediately saw savings of almost lacks rupees every month while doubling their capacity. Our customers are always gives us realistic feedback and we are implementing the cutting-edge technology to serve them better and better. That’s what the future holds for my company – thriving, happy and profitable customers.

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