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Headquartered in New Delhi, Star Link Communication Pvt Ltd offers computerised biometric access control systems and time attendance system. In an interviaew with OEM Update, the company’s Managing Director Vipin Yadav talks about their futuristic solutions.

What latest technology or solution you’re bringing to the floor this year?

With the advent of technology Star Link has been restless in pursuit to implement or incorporate new technology into their product. This helps to deliver high quality product to our customers. In continuation of this process, this year we are going to roll out different products and solutions.

Firstly, we are going to launch recently developed FACE READER. We have used the high-end spare parts and materials to make it one of the most user efficient products in the coming days. It has unique features and specification which makes it out of the box machine. And this is the India’s first FACE READER developed indigenously. We have developed this machine in-house with a continuous work of more than 2 years.

Secondly, in terms of solution, we have developed Car Testing Track Management system. In this, we provide a solution to manage the testing tracks for car manufacturers where cars are actually tested. Initially, what happened that more than the designated number of cars were tested on the track. This led to accidents or damage to the newly manufactured cars. We have delivered an RFID based solution in which the boom barrier is installed, and a digital reader is there that shows the number of cars present on the track. At the end of the day one can also generate reports for different record maintenance purposes. This solution can also be used as a Parking Management System.

Next solution which we are going to roll out this year is Gym Management system. This solution is basically a biometric and RFID based solution which helps to streamline the gym members. Their membership card, recharge facility, renewal facility, auto-notification and report generation are some of the features of this solution.

In the line of software, we have added new features of dynamic reports, statutory reports, flexible timings, enhance C-off policies and enhanced leave policies. Now the HRs will feel more empowered with these features who can decide the reporting format and columns as per their requirement.

What strategy do you follow to reach out to the needs of your new customers?

Being a manufacturer, we have created multiple channels to reach our customers. We get a few referrals from our existing users who are satisfied with our products and services in the long run. Also, we have our in-house sales and marketing team, who put their extra effort to grab the requirements and fulfil it within due time range. Ranging from digital space to conventional methods like exhibitions, advertisements and collateral marketing activities, we have spread our limbs in every horizon.

Providing cost-effective solutions that are highly efficient for your clients doesn’t affect your growth rate?

It is a myth that providing a cost-effective solution can affect your growth rate, but actually the cost-effective solution increases the growth rate. We have segregated the technology or spares used in the products in such a way that, it remains a cost-effective solution for the customer and we get our benefits. Our systems and products are designed in such a way that less manpower is required in the complete cycle i.e. from manufacturing to implementation. This is one of the major reasons for cost effectiveness of our solutions and products.

What would be your major focus area or target for the year 2018?

In 2018 and coming years our target area is to develop more safe, secure and reliable products in biometric segment. We implement the latest technologies to make our solutions and products safe and secure without any loopholes. Nowadays, many specialists claim that biometric devices can also be tampered. We at Star Link have worked on the data security and accuracy.

Also, we are planning to come up with new products and systems which can help us to acquire the market and help to increase our growth rate. Some of our products which we are planning to launch is Aadhar based systems, card-less access control and a plug and play biometric attendance machine.

What is the process that you follow for monitoring the quality and efficiency of products?

We have in-house R&D and production teams which keep a closer look at each step of manufacturing of every device. We do regress testing on each manufactured machine as well to check the performance of these devices in various environmental conditions based on which we have created certain parameters. Succeeding these parameters, a device is finally approved for the sales purpose. We have adopted both automated and manual process of testing as per the requirement at various stages.
We implement the latest technologies to make our solutions and products safe and secure without any loopholes.
Vipin Yadav,
Managing Director,Star Link Communication Pvt Ltd

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