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We expect good growth for the fine weld process in the welding market.

We expect good growth for the fine weld process in the welding market.

July 2, 2022 10:26 am

While talking about the Fine Weld technology with OEM Update, Sumon Mitra, Director, Sales, CLOOS, said the process is helpful both manually and with automation and is suitable for thin, coated plates and fine visible weld seams.


Products and Solutions at IMTEX 2022 

Cloos was primarily known in the Indian market for heavy welding. And now, in addition to our heavy welding complete solution for robotic welding, we have our power source in the Indian market for manual application. So, that is an entirely new range, and we have already successfully sold more than 110 Power sources in India. That is the new Cloos range. Second, aside from the heavy welding solution, if some industry is looking to enter the automation with a low-cost budget, to begin with, we have the QRH 290 series now.


Fine Weld unique 

The unique feature of Fine Weld is about substantial commercial benefit during the production. This process will provide you with a clean, splatter-free welding with 100 per cent co2 Gas for any thin sheet application. The advantage is that all manufacturers are looking for this Spatter free welding because, after the welding, we like to avoid any after-welding process like grinding and cleaning process. However, they must use a pulse holding system, and an Argon:co2 gas mixture must be used. Cloos has created the Fine-Weld technology in which we can use co2 instead of Argon:co2 . So, spatter-free welding with co2 means you are getting a clean weld. But a lowcost gas will give you a better or faster ROI than daily costing or production costs because it will reduce almost 1/3. After all, the cost of Argon:co2 is nearly three times.


Innovations and development in CLOOS 


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The first is the QINEO StarT Power Source, which is having Industry 4.0 features. which can provide you with the required signal for industry 4.0, but we also have our own software, called C-Gate software. And it is ClOOS software. Any enterprise interested in ClOOS power source and robotic welding systems can connect them on a single software to get information on a single dashboard.


Automated welding manufacturing growth 

We are very optimistic because, based on what we have seen, we have planned for this low-cost automation in addition to the heavy welding system before 2020. We wanted to expand into a larger market. Everyone understands that skill is not permanent and constantly changing. Now, the first thing is the right automation and how to choose the right robotic welding system because many robots are available in the market. Welding is such a thing that just buying a robot or power source is not the end of the story, and it is just the beginning of the story because the seam position and the quality of the seam preparation will keep on changing. When you talk about robotic welding, it is an entirely different area, which led to mainly understanding the welding requirement and not only the robot; specifically- The intelligence & adaptability of the system and not only the robotic reach.


Impact on supply chain challenges 

As far as ClOOS is concerned, our benefit is that everything is from a single source. We manufacture even the contact tip in-house. But we have everything from a single source, which means we produce robot, power source, and everything in-house. We are not fully dependent on a third-party supplier; we set a similar record in 2021- 22, supplying all orders within the timeline, despite the world’s difficult circumstances over the last two years. So, that being the one strong point, the customer believes in us, and we are getting repeat orders.


Market growth for welding robots and other welding technology 

We expect good growth in the market because we have already seen tremendous growth into 2021. We are not only in a niche market now but also in a bigger market worldwide. Especially in India, besides our heavy welding solution, we have low-cost robotics and manual ones. So, a complete range for the welding sector is available. Manufacturing units require a torch to fabricate heavy welding robotic solutions. ClOOS offers everything needed for this, which is the most compelling point. Customers feel very secure in the hands of ClOOS in India because they rely on brand ClOOS with the local support of ClOOS India.

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