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Machine House and Bilz master precision with anti-vibration solutions

Machine House and Bilz master precision with anti-vibration solutions

January 12, 2024 7:39 pm

Anti-vibration solutions by Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd., derived from the partnership with Bilz Vibration Technology AG, deliver innovative precision and a comprehensive vibration measurement and analysis service for optimal machinery performance.

Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd., an esteemed ISO 9001-2008 certified firm, has provided top-notch anti-vibration solutions to India’s industrial sector since 1996. A pivotal member of the AMT Group, founded in 1982, their unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence cements their influential role in the Indian machine tools industry.

Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd. has forged a technical and manufacturing partnership with Germany’s Bilz Vibration Technology AG in a strategic alliance. Focused on cutting-edge anti-vibration solutions and systems for machines, this collaboration perfectly aligns with Machine House’s mission to deliver premium solutions for the dynamic manufacturing sector.

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing trends, the careful choice of a vibration isolator emerges as a crucial factor for ensuring machines’ sustained performance and durability. Machine House’s offerings, tailored for high-precision machinery, measuring instruments, and conventional machines, play a pivotal role in slashing maintenance expenses and guaranteeing peak productivity.

Expanding beyond anti-vibration solutions for metal cutting, metal forming, and metrological machines, Machine House offers a complete Vibration Measurement and Analysis service. This thorough process precisely measures on-site vibrations and provides tailored recommendations for the most effective anti-vibration solutions.

Vibration Analysis

Purpose and Procedure: Low-frequency vibrations significantly threaten the accuracy, repeatability, and throughput quality of precision equipment. This includes critical machinery such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Roundness/Roughness testers, Microscopes, and applications in Semiconductor and Nanotechnology. A vibration site survey and analysis become imperative to ensure long-term accuracy and reliability.


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Survey and Data Analysis: The survey aims to determine existing vibration levels at the installation site, which is essential for effective vibration control. Analyses involve detailed test data, highlighting the frequency and corresponding amplitude of acceleration, velocity, or displacements that may lead to potential issues. This process identifies problem situations, enabling the recommendation of preventive or corrective actions and the implementation of suitable vibration insulation solutions/systems.

Measurement Tools: Machine House employs a sophisticated approach using a combination of a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analyser, highly sensitive geophones, and a PC calculation program. Vibration speeds are as low as 0.01µm/s in the 0.2 to 30 Hz range and can be accurately recorded with a geophone.

Axis Measurement and Comparison: Simultaneous measurement along all three axes (x, y, z) ensures a comprehensive understanding of environmental disturbances. The maximum measured vibrations for each axis are compared, with the largest value being scrutinised against the machine’s limit curve graph. This crucial step determines the necessity for precautionary measures or anti-vibration systems.

Vibration Analysis as an Art and Technique: Machine House emphasises that vibration analysis is a unique blend of art and technique. Their team of experts conducts precise measurements and analyses and offers tailored solutions to address specific vibration problems. This approach ensures that clients receive not just data but actionable insights for maintaining the optimal performance of their machinery.

Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd., a frontrunner in precision and innovation, solidifies its leadership in anti-vibration solutions through a strategic collaboration with Bilz Vibration Technology AG. Their all-encompassing Vibration Measurement and Analysis service epitomises the mastery in preserving the endurance and precision of vital machinery in the ever-changing industrial realm. Machine House is a reliable partner committed to optimising machine performance for businesses.

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