More value creation through integral automation solutions


Automation is an important pillar of DMG MORI’s strategy for the future: Every fourth new machine is already automated or equipped for it. At the same time, DMG MORI has been strengthening its automation expertise since November 2017 with the joint venture DMG MORI HEITEC. The core area of this joint venture is to work as an automation partner of DMG MORI and support the development and realisation of flexible automation solutions, such as work piece handling. The automation expertise for, e.g. pallet handling, is directly integrated into the production plants of DMG MORI. The interplay between engineering from the DMG MORI production plants and automation expertise on the part of DMG MORI HEITEC provides the customer with a customised, integrated and reliable solution – from engineering through fixtures, tooling and NC programmes right up to integrated automation – and everything from a single source.

Additional service features from DMG MORI HEITEC comprise configuration through to the operation of the system– including the modification or expansion of a system for additional products. DMG MORI will be presenting its automation skills at the IMTEX in the form of the latest developments in the area of automated manufacturing solutions from the group’s portfolio. This includes the second generation of the Robo2Go as well as the new work piece handling system demonstrated on a DMU 50 third generation with WH 15 and a MILLTAP 700 with WH 3.

With an integral approach, DMG MORI HEITEC considersitself to be a supplier of modular, perfectly coordinated automationsolutions. As a machine tool manufacturer, customerand also partner, DMG MORI will be intensively involved in thearea of gripper technology. “In essence, we implement modularmanufacturing cells and systems on the basis of a buildingblock system, which allows them to be individually set up andcustomised”, explains Kai Lenfert, Joint Managing Director ofDMG MORI HEITEC GmbH together with Markus Rehm. Thisis a decisive factor, particularly for small- and medium-sizedcompanies. “Even if these companies represent a large portion of DMG MORI customers, as anautomation specialist, we don’t differentiate according to the size of the company”, adds MarkusRehm. “Only the solution to the problem counts for DMG MORI. This perspective then very quicklyblurs the borders.” Specific tasks such as these are only one side of the coin. DMG MORI HEITEC isalso focusing on value creation in the long term. Markus Rehm is convinced: “Automation is far morethan the sum of the machines and the associated handling, storing and logistic systems.”

It is alsoabout incorporating important implications of automation throughout the entire production process.Kai Lenfert provides a simple but obvious example, “A customer that develops an automated systemfor unmanned nightshift must also be capable of making available the required resources beforehandand during further processing.” The more complex the task, the more detailed the planningneeds to be for the system and, above all, integrated into value creation.

Integral overview with digital engineering
Due to the direct interaction with the DMG MORI plants, DMG MORI HEITEC can already plan and improve every automation project very specifically and optimised for the customer based on virtual mapping and in real time. Even specific component programs can be run as a simulation for the customers already prior to installation on the computer. This creates a high degree of investment security for the customer, guarantees fast installation and commissioning on site and ensures an incomparably fast production start. The cycle times can be reduced by up to 80 per cent in this way. Above all, equipped with knowledge gained from the virtual results of the digital engineering, customers can already precisely asses during the decision-making phase how the system will affect the process chain and what the company may potentially need to do to guarantee efficient operation of the system and its entire production process.

Solely the possibilities offered by predictive simulation of processes or the analytical predictabilityof events is seen by DMG MORI HEITEC as an important building block for Industry 4.0.But Markus Rehm stresses, “Automation and digitalisation are only two elements alongsideinformation and production technology as well as technology and process and neither of theelements are able to be considered in isolation from the others.” Ultimately one is confrontedwith the interdisciplinary challenge of being a good partner offering integrated solutions to itscustomers in all fields of expertise.

Robo2Go 2nd Generation: flexible automation, easy to program
DMG MORI will be presenting the new second generation of the Robo2Go from its automation portfolio at the IMTEX. It can be operated on the CLX and CTX series turning centres as well as the turn and mill complete machining centres from the CTX TC series. The flexible robot automation is easy to operate via new software. The processes can be directly created through CELOS with theRobo2Go second generation based on predefined program modules and even without any knowledge of robot programming. This means that teaching a new work piece takes less than 15 minutes. The new gripper geometry has a reduced interference contour and improved load capacity. Depending on the model, the load capacity is 10 kg, 20 kg or 35 kg.

The high degree of flexibility of the Robo2Go second generation is evidenced by the way it can beused on multiple machines – setup takes a maximum of 30 minutes – as well as its handlingof different components. The multi-job function means the Robo2Go second generation can handlemultiple orders with one workpiece tray. The tray has been enlarged by 20 percent in the newgeneration and holds up to 90 workpieces. Moreover, the Robo2Go second generation is capable ofstapling workpieces. The automation features a parallel gripper and allows external as well asinternal gripping. It is also possible to use a bar loader at the same time. The same applies to the optional feature of handling shaft parts.

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