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Pro Series is an innovative design of welding inverters conceptualised to meet the demanding requirements of quality welding, reliable performance and driving the productivity. The unique design is based on modular technology and high speed communication. The power sources operate at a 150 KHz, meaning it can react in 6.7 micro seconds, ensuring best quality welds each time.

Like the nano technology, each Pro Series is built with multiple modules of 200 Amps. This helps split the load of duty cycle over multiple modules. The highly efficient cooling system design helps in ensuring maximum duty cycle in all conditions. This also helps built fail safe redundancy which means, in case, there is something wrong with one of the modules, the entire machine is not under breakdown, but can be used with reduced capacity. So, a 500 Amps machine with a problem in one module will still work with full efficiency as a 350 Amps power source. The modules can be easily bypassed, replaced or reconfigured within minutes. This ensures maximum uptime on the shop floor.The modules are the same for CC and CV applications, which means easy lower SKU for spares.

Truly digital
Pro Series is fully digital welding inverter, based on latest design it can program the Waveforms for the MIG / MAG application. There are inbuilt synergic lines for different materials, gases and thickness. The operator can choose the synergic control and then tweak the parameters such as wire speed, arc length, inductance to suit his welding style. The intelligent digital control allows for speed control which gives constant arc length irrespective of change in stick out. This means low spatters and equal penetration during welding. Various modes such as JETARC, DAC MD, ROOT, PULSE and PULSE 2Pulse are pre-programmed to give the professional welding experience for critical jobs.

Similarly, in AC/DC TIG, the Auto balance mode allows the operator to sit back focus on the welding arc, the intelligent program helps get the best AC Balance parameters for the particular current. With other smart features such as adjustable HF initiation, ensures perfect HF Initiation in all conditions. The currents are limited with choice of tungsten diameter, ensuring the longer life of the tungsten. The operator can choose to set the parameters as Amps or Percentage of Amps (%) and the screen can change color to be aptly visible in day or night. For the advanced welders they can control the parameters of the waveform easily using the large LCD display.

RFID access control
Authorisation of users can also be set using RFID cards and the access control mode. Welding supervisors can decide and set the welding parameters and put the machine in “Reduced Control Mode” when the user starts the machine, he needs to swipe his access card. The card decides the rights he has to change the parameters. He can only adjust 5 per cent of the set parameters to suit the welding style. Ensuring the welding is always as per WPS set by the supervisor.

WeldWeb, Industry 4.0
The Pro series can log all the welding data such as arc on time, user, mode, wire size, gas type, welding current, welding voltage and calculate heat input, total wire consumed etc. The data is analysed and can be viewed over the computer or phone. The data can be transmitted to the weldweb server through rf, which means up to 40 Sigma Weld Pro series can be connected wirelessly to the weldweb server. Resource planning and reporting of actual work done can be a matter of few clicks.

Weld like a professional
Sigma Weld Pro series is an innovative design which helps make the complicated skill of welding a lot easier. The synergic programs help new welders adjust the weld parameters simply by choosing the material, wire size, gas combination followed by the material thickness. The advanced welder can set other parameters to suit his style of welding. Pre programmed modes such as dac md, root, pulse, jetarc help achieve repeated weld beads with ease.

Authored article by:
Nimesh Chinoy
Marketing Director, SigmaWeld

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