A Innovative International: forerunner in waterjet cutting machines

A Innovative International Ltd. has been the forerunner of waterjet cutting machines in India for the last few years. The motto of this company is to maintain a good relationship with the customers where it gives its products by gratifying their need. From the very beginning, the company has been growing steadily. As always, its top priority is to come up with the solution in terms of machine which matches with customer essential by exploring its application.
Innovative International endeavours to manufacture products which have been made for cutting different materials with versatile technologies. The company is still truthful to its roots, as it implements combination of modern technology that fulfils customers need. Its main strength is bunch of satisfied customers which ultimately empower organisation to grow further. In order to maintain consistency in performance, company is looking forward to coming up with the all possible solutions which accomplish customers requirement. This aids to add more clienteles to AIIL family and will help using continuing better association with them further.
Innovative International takes this opportunity to introduce its advanced technologies.• CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine (JETCUT), Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine• CNC Laser Cutting Machine (BEAMCUT)• CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (ARCCUT).
Innovative International is in “Harnessing the Power of Water”, the most versatile and advanced technology with its name: CNC Waterjet Profile Cutting Machine. Waterjet machine generate very high-speed jet which is able to cut thick material with good accuracy and good finishing surface. Waterjet cutting machine cuts anything with no heat affected zone. Waterjet is widely used as metal cutting machine, glass cutting machine, marble cutting machine, ceramic tile cutting machine and granite cutting machine.
Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine, an extremely high-pressure jet of water, is an efficient method of cutting soft materials, and combining the waterjet process with industrial robots is an economic alternative to the traditional punch tool method of producing complex-shaped components for car interiors, such as floor carpets, headliners and door trims. There are various applications of robotic waterjet systems installed in the USA, France, Iran, China and other countries. A further development of the waterjet process is the addition of abrasives, enabling it to cut hard materials in desired profiles.
CNC Laser Cutting MachineInnovative International offers the world-class CNC Laser Cutting Machine which works on the principle of slab technology and the heart of the laser cutting machine is from ROFIN-SINAR, Germany. ROFIN is one of the pioneers and worldwide proven laser source manufacturer.
Its BEAMCUT is a highly flexible, reliable machine designed and developed for the needs of sheet metal processing industry. The base of BEAMCUT is of graded cast iron, which assures high manufacturing accuracy and repeatability of the finished part, excellent vibrations dumping and high thermal stability.
The carriage of BEAMCUT is made of steel. Its shape and thickness are reinforced only where necessary and is designed to match maximum lightness with strength, rigidity and durability.
CNC plasma-cutting machineInnovative International offers a wide range of CNC Plasma Cutting Machines which are manufactured from quality components. It is available in different sizes and specifications. Plasma cutting being primarily a melting process can cut variety of metals. Plasma beam contain high temperature and high speed gas flow. It melts or partially vaporizes the material and blows it away. It can supply plasma source as per customers’ requirement.

Contact:A Innovative International Ltd.307, 3rd Floor, Sampada Complex, Mithakhali Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009, GujaratTel: +91-79-26565731Email: aiil.admin@agroup.in www.ainnovative.com

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