Ador Welding Academy developing welding skill among girls

Ador Welding Academy is currently running programmes that include six girl trainees in a batch of 19. The academy wishes to highlight the fact of girls taking to welding skill development as a trend in aspiring careers by the youth. This will have a far-reaching impact – both for the fabrication/welding shops in various industries and the status of women liberalisation movement in the society. Welding has generally been a male bastion because welding is considered to be a “grime and sweat” job. Arc welding entails high temperature, ultraviolet light that is dangerous to the naked eyes, and tough processes like grinding and chipping are associated with welding preparations. Precision, accuracy and the art of laying welding beads into beautiful forms make welding interesting and competitive for attaining excellence. Girls, who have a natural pre-disposition toward these characteristics, will find it very fulfilling, and employers will recognise them as more productive.These girls are diploma engineering qualified. They come from ordinary family from the interiors of Maharashtra. They are determined to pursue careers in the shop floor of engineering industry. They are a perfect example of aspiring youth to blaze a new trail of smashing the male bastion in welding production work. They are provided equal opportunities at the academy, along with their male colleagues and encouraged to meet challenges so as to establish benchmarks that can inspire more girl candidates. Technology driven lesson plans and tools are the hallmark of curriculum at the academy. Ador Welding Academy is committed to strengthen the welding skill development eco system and help harness the national policy on skill development. With its experience of over 60 years in the welding industry, the academy hopes to be an excellent knowledge partner for skill development enterprises. The academy also has services to assist in placement of the successful candidates.
While one vertical at the academy works on the in-service section of needs, in close with the corporate, the pre-service section reaches out to aspiring youth, especially at the lower levels of society and the female section to help them build careers through welding skills. The research and consultancy service at the academy also fosters the development of industry-academia partnerships through industry-based projects.

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