ALM presents aerosense air flow measuring station

 ALM Engineering & Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001 certified company, is basically into instruments related to measure and control of pressure including differential pressure, flow, temperature, relative humidity and level. The company is either manufacturing or importing quality precision instruments for HVAC, BAS, EMS, textile and industrial automation.
The company has now come up with its duct mounted and airflow measurement station. The air flow measuring station is easy to install. The instrument utilises an airflow averaging element in a head-type device, generating a differential (velocity) pressure signal similar to the orifice and other head producing primary elements. Strategically located sensing ports continuously sample the total and static pressures when inserted normal to flow.
Total pressures sensed by the upstream ports are continually averaged within the airflow element in an isolated chamber. The static sensing ports are averaged in a second isolation chamber. Multiple elements are joined together for connection to a differential measurement device (gage, transmitter, etc) for flow measurement and indication purposes.
Product specifications:• Accuracy: +/- 3 per cent• Temperature: Maximum operating, 350 degree• Maximum designed flow: 6,000 feet per minute• Casing: CRCA duly powder coated• Pressure sensors: SS304 duly buffed• Pressure ports: SS 304. n
Contact:A L M Engineering & Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.,

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