ATS’s material handling solutions for efficient operations in industries

ATS Conveyors India, an ATS group company, one of the leading companies, offers material handling expertise in various sectors, including automobile, logistics, cement and FMCG.
ATS, a turnkey supplier, provides customised solutions to Indian customers including pre-engineering, design, manufacturing, I&C and after-sales service support.
ATS product range mainly comprises of:• P&F, monorail overhead chain conveyors• All type of floor conveyors• Electric monorail systems (different systems as per application requirement)• Automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS)• Material handling systems for logistics and warehousing application.
P&F, monorail overhead chain conveyorsP&F simply can be considered as a combination of a monorail conveyor and a towing track. In top track, the chain runs continuously and is called “power”. This chain is equipped with special dogs in a given pitch. This part can be used separately as a continuous running monorail conveyor.
The trolleys, on which the load will hang, are moving in the bottom rail called “free”. The shape of the chain dogs is designed to match with the shape of the towing trolley moving in the free track. The bottom track can be used only as towing rail without the top track and chain. The two tracks are linked with flanges. These flanges will also be used to suspend the tracks to the supporting steelwork. By pushing down the dog of the towing trolley, the trolley and the chain are disengaged and so the carrier can be stopped. The trolleys can change their routing (switches, chain change) and can also have another speed as well as to be accumulated. The same way, the conveying progress can be altered at any location by a stopper for external interventions.
The variety of the HERO Fördertechnik product pallet results from the combination of the two types of forged chain: 4 inches and 6 inches with the various carrying tracks (different loads). All systems are working without additional transfer unit (pusher) in the chain alterations. This is the result of the special design of the chain and towing trolley dogs.
Electric Monorail System (EMS)EMS is installed in almost every sector of assembly, logistics as well as surface treatment. They have proven for a long time to be really compact, fast (up to 120m/min) and multi-functional system for the internal material flow.
The conventional EMS is generally conceived as a standalone system, which receives instructions (origin and destination) from the IT product management system and that manages itself these instructions.
Due to the positive experience gained, the great flexibility and high availability, the EMS is more and more integrated in complex logistic system. The EMS will find its needs in other sectors like assembly lines. The vehicles are conceived for certain applications, for which ergonomic and tact time have a great influence
 Each individual vehicle has a small on-board line controller to fulfil all the orders that the vehicle has to achieve. The control of the different displacement of an EMS system is done in a stationary PLC. This PLC can be interconnected to a host computer for the material flow host computer which can receive orders from an ERP system.
The identification systems are integrated in the on-board controller which transfers the information to the stationary PLC. These data information can be transmitted via the bus-bars, Bluetooth or other transmission systems.
Dayaynand DalviCEO, ATS Conveyors
Yves Rieffel MD, ATS Conveyors

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