Biggest small-size technology is in town

If current manufacturing trends are anything to go by, the brand new RHINORUSH series of mini turning inserts from TaeguTec couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.
Improved forging and casting technologies have made it possible to create near-precise components that allow for significantly reduced removed-material quantities during machining. Such material wastage concerns increasingly underscore the futility of using standard size inserts for intricate application and small-dimension machining requirements. For instance, depths of cut in rough turning are predominantly in the range of 2-3 mm, thus making conventional ISO inserts with 12/15 mm cutting-edge lengths redundant. 
In the modern machining environment with high focus on cost reduction, TaeguTec is proud to launch the RHINORUSH range of turning tools to meet the manufacturing industry’s needs of reduced machining costs and high efficiency while looking out for our planet. Imagine the amount of precious carbide – a rare earth metal – that can be saved using optimally sized inserts.
Tiny and Mighty The smaller but optimal sized RHINORUSH inserts are invested with superior r durability and same thickness as ISO inserts. The 9 and 13 mm new line of inserts is just as strong as the 12, 15 and 16 mm inserts but at a fraction of the cost and size. Repeated tests have proven RHINORUSH™ to offer stable tool life even during high speed machining, interrupted cutting and in old machine set-ups.
Clamping System  Besides the new series’ small but durable size, TaeguTec’s RHINORUSH has a unique two directional clamping force that outperforms the conventional ISO directional clamping force tools available in the market.Chipbreakers and GradesRHINORUSH is available in an exhaustive yet constantly evolving range of hi-performance chipbreaker geometries and Gold Rush graders.
The newest chipbreakers include FG, PC, MT, FM and FT. The FG chipbreaker is to be used for finishing applications at a low cutting force on steel and stainless steel materials. For semi-finish to medium applications in steel machining, the PC chipbreaker’s positive geometry has excellent chip control and is the first choice for automotive component machining.
Chipbreaker MT is ideal for medium to medium rough applications in steel machining and is suitable for continuous and interrupted cutting.
The FM type’s moulded design promotes improved chipbreaking on a wide range of semi-finishing to semi-medium turning applications. The strong, serrated cutting edge of FT type chipbreaker promotes excellent chip evacuation in a wider depth of cut range for both profiling and step turning. Both the FM and FT type are the perfect solution on a wide range of semi-finishing to medium turning applications.
RHINORUSH is available in cermet grade as well as the latest GOLD RUSH grades for the extra edge in quality, performance and tool life. Expect excellent surface finish on the work-piece along with improved chipping resistance with GOLD RUSH grades like TT8115, TT8125, TT8135 etc. They are extremely useful in reducing cutting friction and minimising built-up edge on exotic materials.
Performance Tool life test results at TaeguTec found that the number of passes during interrupted cutting conditions on medium carbon alloy steel work pieces (cutting condition remaining the same) were almost doubled compared to conventional ISO tools. Both the ISO standard and RHINORUSH™ turning tools used the same chip breaker and coating grades.
TaeguTec demonstrated that the new line will increase productivity and save on cost due to its efficient and improved design as well as the insert’s smaller but optimal size.

Contact:TaeguTec India Pvt. Ltd. No.120, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Phase IV, Bangalore – 560 099Tel: +91-80-2783911, Fax: +91-80-27839123E-mail: sales@taegutec-india.com

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