Colibri displayed Typhoon HSM spindle at TaeguTec stall

“Colibri’s Typhoon high-speed spindle cuts machining time and dramatically reduces costs,” says Baruch Books, Deputy CEO and VP Sales and Marketing, Colibri Spindles
 Colibri, one of the world leaders in developing special spindle technology and solutions, displayed its revolutionary coolant driven spindle – the Typhoon, for the metal cutting industry at IMTEX 2015. The company demonstrated how the Typhoon HSM spindle cuts machining time and dramatically reduces costs at the TaeguTec India stall during the show.
The Typhoon is capable of high speed machining on regular milling centres and turn machines. The company’s manufacturing facility is located at the Lavon Industrial Park in northern Israel, where the entire process – from design to production – takes place using the advanced equipment. TaeguTec India, an IMC Group company, markets the Typhoon in India.
Present at the occasion Baruch Books, Deputy CEO and VP – Sales and Marketing, Colibri Spindles Ltd. discussed on the significant advantages of using the Typhoon for high-speed machining needs. He said, “The simple-to-insert-and-use Typhoon auxiliary spindle is a true alternative to buying an expensive high-speed machine tool for manufacturers. For a relatively small investment, the returns on Colibri’s spindle are huge – savings on machining time of up to 75 per cent. Thus reduces production costs, increases tool life significantly, and offers quick ROI.”
Working only off the powerful force of the machine tool’s coolant flow, Typhoon spindle speed can reach 50,000 RPM and deliver more precise machining results and superior surface quality. Place the Typhoon on a standard CNC and hard and soft metals can be machined in a wide range of applications for which high speed is required – such as those using small diameter tools; it is ideal for semi-finishing and finishing operations.
Colibri offers spindles tailored to different machining speeds and varying shank sizes and shapes. Tools to connect the Typhoon are available as well. The Typhoon system also includes a wireless, real-time RPM monitor which displays spindle speed and issues alerts if the RPM deviates from the preset RPM – information critical to the operator during machining. The wireless system can store and communicate with the different Typhoon spindles that may be connected to a single CNC machine and can track speeds for up to 127 tools.
“For manufacturers seeking to increase productivity while keeping costs down, adding the economical and really easy-to-implement Typhoon to their shopfloor will make the difference,” asserts Mr Books. 
Typhoon• Unique spindle, driven by the coolant flow• Recommended for finish and semi-finish machining, in a range of applications and materials• Suitable for a range of standard and special machines• Effective machining and shorter manufacturing times• Precision machining with excellent surface quality• Upgrades and expands the machining speed limits• Simple and easy to use• Reduces the use of the machine spindle• Saves energy• Efficient chip removal• Prolongs tool life• Automatic tool changer compliance.

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