ENVIRON: energy-efficient aerators

ENVIRON Engineering Company, a technology-driven company where innovation is the key to new product development, was started in 1977 by C.B. Thakore. The company has a rich experience in designing pumps, gears, material handling equipment, ETP plant machineries and other machineries.
ENVIRON strongly believes in R&D and quality assurance. It has gone for aerators testing facility right from the inception of the company. Before placing in the market, each and every aerator is shop assembled and run for 2 hours in its in-house hydraulic testing facility. Being environmentalist, ENVIRON has specially developed and manufactured the aerators even of 1 HP rating and centre drive clarifier mechanism up to 2-metre diameter and delivered within one week, especially to small organisations. Special features• Fabricated and machine-base frame for 5 HP to 15 HP rating. For 20 HP and above, heavy ISMB beam base is used. So vibrations are lessened. The base is machined on the top surface, so the life of the gearbox is increased.• Cantilevered load reaction is passed through additional bearings and housing to beam base bottom to RCC platform. Hence, gearbox is not at all affected by overhung load.• Floor/base support area is 100 times more, so possibility of vibrations is reduced accordingly.• Due to conical impeller and solid MS shaft, CG lies nearer to centre, so less impact loading.• Impeller is machined at centre for its concentric running.• As horizontal foot-mounted motor is used, the conditions are not saviour as those of flange-mounted motor.• Maintenance of the gearbox is minimal and handling is easier as the extra bearings are provided to the impeller shaft.• Spare parts of the worm gearbox are easily available at comparative cost.• Wetted parts are FRP lined.• Oxygen transfer test as per International American Standard and Wrinklers Procedure.• Specially designed impeller is offered for higher water depth (up to 6 metres). • Less area for aeration tank is required, so space can be saved.

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