Innovation unlocks competitive gain

Innovation unlocks competitive gainCoroPak 13.1 tooling from Sandvik Coromant gives productivity a big push
All new products emanate from market research. This vital work pinpoints the areas of greatest demand – where new innovation will benefit end users the most. Armed with this information, the research and development department can begin creating products designed to fill the identified gaps and best serve customers.
This process applies to tooling as much as any new consumer product or online service, and with CoroPak 13.1 Sandvik Coromant brings to market a range of new tooling products offering genuine competitive advantage to those prepared to invest a little, and gain a lot.
New face millA case in point is the new CoroMill 419 high feed face mill featuring indexable inserts with five cutting edges and through body coolant facility producing high productivity from roughing to semi-finishing operations. In fact, productivity gains of more than 20 per cent are guaranteed against comparable competitor tools.
The secret behind its advantage is a light cutting action facilitated by a 19° lead angle that sends the majority of the forces directly up the spindle. This means CoroMill 419 is ideal for 40 taper machines, or where extended tool machining is required, or perhaps where the workholding is less than perfect. Impressive tool life is achievable on workpiece materials that include high alloy steels, stainless steels, titaniums and even heat resistant super alloys.
Prior to the CoroPak 13.1 release, a limited number of CoroMill 419 cutters were made available to customers for testing. The feedback has met all expectations and the demand for this exciting new product is anticipated to be high. High feed face or profile milling operations in industries such as oil and gas will be among the major beneficiaries.
Internal coolant for CoroMill 316Among other milling highlights of CoroPak 13.1 is the CoroMill 316 exchangeable-head end mill. Already a huge success with Sandvik Coromant customers across the globe, this groundbreaking milling system now features through-coolant capability to deliver superior chip evacuation and higher metal removal rates.
The machining of materials as heat resistant super alloys, titanium and stainless steels can demand the deployment of coolant for temperature control and chip evacuation during cutting. By offering internal coolant holes to deliver a precise jet of coolant, CoroMill 316 is able to outperform existing solutions with external coolant.
Typical applications for CoroMill 316 include high feed face milling, slot milling, helical interpolation, shoulder milling, profile milling and chamfer milling. Machine shops can make a quick and easy switch between cutter type, radii, tooth frequency, geometry and grade.
Tooling systemsCritical to the success of any cutting tool is its holder. In face milling operations, one age-old problem – pull-out – has finally been tackled head-on using the new CoroChuck® 930. This high precision hydraulic chuck uses fulcrum technology, an optimized thin membrane design which allows for secure clamping with two supports on each side (fulcrums).
The result is the best pull-out security available on the market, superior to existing alternatives such as shrink-fit chucks, ER collet chucks and weldon adaptors. Three different CoroChuck 930 designs are available – heavy duty, slender and pencil – offering precision run-out better than 4 µm.
Additional tooling systems new in CoroPak 13.1 include the introduction of Coromant Capto clamping units for high-pressure coolant (HPC) applications up to 200 bar. These are particularly suited to long-chipping materials where swarf break-up is essential. Also new is the CoroBore 825 SL face grooving system. Designed for applications from 47 to 1,275 mm diameter, the system features CoroCut inserts and internal through-coolant, and provides a productive alternative to milling grooves.
Turning productsNew additions to the turning portfolio include CoroTurn HP boring bars for internal wet turning operations with HPC capability up to 275 bar. The increased tool life and chip control offered by HPC can be maximized in combination with insert geometries -PMC, -MMC and -SMC.
In addition, the CoroTurn XS family of precision tools for face grooving on small parts is now expanded with holders for size 8 and 10 mm. Face grooving inserts in the same sizes are also available offering groove depths up to 30 mm – a significant increase over the previous 6 mm maximum.
New, angled (hockey stick) turning inserts are another highlight of CoroPak 13.1. In addition to the existing -RS geometry, -RO with built in chip former is now available for roughing and finishing of difficult-to-access T- and L-grooves with improved chip control in stainless steels and HRSA materials. 
DrillingAmong the latest drilling innovations sees the CoroDrill® 870 diameter range extended and the introduction of a Tailor Made offer for producing chamfered holes in one operation. With the new pilot geometry -GP, Sandvik Coromant also offers an even more secure drilling process for deeper holes up to 8xD with no bell-mouthing.
For deep hole drilling applications, CoroDrill 800 is now stocked as standard in diameters 25-65 mm for both STS and ejector type systems, while CoroDrill 801 is now available from stock in diameters 65-165 mm. For deep hole counterboring operations, TXN inserts feature new ‘A’ geometry with dedicated chipbreakers for use on extra long chipping materials such as Inconel and Super Duplex stainless steel.

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