J.K. Fenner: constantly growing year after year

J.K. Fenner is the largest manufacturer of industrial and automotive transmission belts and oil seals apart from moulded rubber products and power transmission accessoriesJ. K. Fenner plays an integral part in the industry as well as daily lives as its products play a role in the making of every product, right from first cup of tea in the morning till we go to bed in the night. J.K. Fenner is a silent performer, working behind every industry by providing solutions for power transmission and sealing in every industrial segment. J.K. Fenner is the omnipresent driving force for every industry including textiles, paper, sugar, cement, engineering, metallurgy, chemical, steel, mining, construction, coal, paper, power, tea gardens, agriculture, food processing and dairy plants, printing machinery, automobiles, ceramic tiles manufacturing and many more.
J.K. FennerJ.K. Fenner India Ltd. is a part of the JK Organisation, one of the top industrial houses in India having over a century long tradition to cherish. J.K. Fenner India has been carrying the 150-year-old legacy of Fenner UK in India and sphere heading most innovations in power transmission and brought out many firsts in the industry. J.K. Fenner is the largest manufacturer of industrial and automotive transmission belts and oil seals apart from moulded rubber products and power transmission accessories. J.K. Fenner’s products have the widest range of application for the Industry, Agriculture, Appliances and Automobiles.
The market leaderJ.K. Fenner has been achieving consistent growth year after year and maintaining its leadership for the past several years, commanding a market share of over 41 per cent, far ahead of its nearest competitor by leaps and bounds. The nearest three or four competitors put together will be below Fenner’s market share. With all global leaders’ presence, J.K. Fenner is still continuing its aggressive growth strategy and will further improve its market share.
ProductsThe company’s product range includes transmission rubber belts, oil seals as well as power transmission accessories like pulleys, couplings, gear boxes, vibration dampers and moulded rubber products. While Fenner is the umbrella brand, the company has sub brands like Poly-F Plus PB, Power-flex, Multipull, Multipull Poly-V Blu, Powertran, JK Pioneer and Ecodrive in the domestic market and F&F and Topdrive in the international market. The company has a range of industrial products in its basket like hoses, rice rolls, chains and bearings. These industrial products, vibration dampers and moulded rubber products are marketed under the brand name of JK Pioneer.
Fenner powertran green cover beltsIn its latest ‘Go Green’ initiative, J.K. Fenner India has launched hi-power green cover belts, the result of a sustained innovation effort. The Powertran green cover belts are triple advantage belts, a revolution in the power transmission industry. The advantages of these hi-power green cover belts are:• Extra power: 40 per cent higher power than normal belts• Extra life: much longer life than normal belts• Extra saving: 18-20 per cent saving in drive cost.
Fenner Powertran Green Cover Belts conform to standards ISO 4184, DIN 2215 and BS 3790 and designed to meet ISO 1813 for static conductivity.
Fenner Poly-V Blu beltsYet another recent addition to its product range is Fenner Poly-V Blue belts. The high-performance Multipull Poly V belt blue is a high-precision belt with longer life for the new generation vehicles in particular.
World-class infrastructureJ.K. Fenner has manufacturing facilities in five places, viz. Sriperumbudur, Madurai and Nilakottai in Tamilnadu, and Patancheru and Pashamailaram in Andhra Pradesh. J.K. Fenner has also set up a most modern R&D centre at Sriperumbudur, which includes a material development centre. This houses some state-of-the-art lab and testing equipment. The R&D set-up and validation facilities are of international standards and capable of developing customised solutions with minimum lead time.
With the help of a vast, dependable range of products, engineered through constant research and development and marketed through a well-established sales and distribution network, J.K. Fenner has maintained its position in the forefront despite sluggish market conditions. This efficient distribution network ensures J.K. Fenner products are made available in both domestic as well as global markets with exports to over 50 countries in the world.
Value additionsThe success can be attributed to J.K. Fenner channel partners, the people, i.e. employees and its systems and processes. J.K. Fenner constantly focuses on extending various innovative value-added services to its customers.
Energy earning campaignIt offers maximum energy-saving propositions in the form of cogged and Poly-v drive solutions to the conventional drive, close to 4-6 per cent. This assumes great significance in the current power sector scenario prevailing in our country.
Drive check campaignsIt also educates leading corporate houses about how to do save energy by changing over to energy-saving drive systems.
Rural marketing campaignsThrough this, the company reaches the retailers — both automobile and industrial, mechanics and industrial areas particularly in upcountry villages and towns, in a specially fabricated and branded float to create awareness and reinforce the popularity of Fenner and JK Pioneer brands.
The structured demand generation campaigns in the market through road shows, retailer meets, retailer schemes, mechanic meets, van campaigns and TV commercials. Meeting the corporate institutional customers through seminars, direct mailers, product launches, energy savings campaigns, drive-check campaigns etc. have helped the company register a top of the mind awareness for the brand and a very high brand recall in the Indian market. Fenner’s marketing initiatives are designed to ‘stay connected’ with not just their distributors and retailers but to try and reach out to the user as well. Over the last few years, Fenner has started focusing aggressively in the rural markets to improve its sales.
J.K. Fenner provides transmission and sealing solutions rather than merely selling transmission belts or oil seals. It has the capability to provide energy-saving drive solutions to its customers. J.K. Fenner automotive transmission belts and oil seals cover almost all vehicle population, viz. mopeds, bikes, three wheelers, cars, jeeps, LCVs, HCVs, tractors and defence equipment/vehicles. Today most automobiles running in India have at least one Fenner belt or JK pioneer oil seal. Developed to deliver long-lasting precision performance, Fenner is trusted as the most reliable companion by the industry across the globe.

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