Neel Water Treatment Systems Pvt. Ltd

Dual Media Filters, RO Systems & Ozone Generator
Neel Water Treatment Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers complete solutions in Water Treatment and Effluent Treatment to various industries like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Dyes, Steel, Sugar, Distillery etc. The company has a wide variety of Water Treatment applications including Water Softening Plants, Demineralised Water Plants, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Mineral Water Plants, etc. The Effluent Treatment applications include complete plants with primary, secondary and tertiary treatments, Chlorination / Ozonation units for disinfection etc.
Products: Water Treatment, Dual Media Filter (Filteration Plants), Down Flow Water Softner for industrial use (Softening Plants), Reverse Osmosis systems, Ozone Generator (Ozonation System) & Mineral Water Plant.    
Water Treatment:
Dual Media Filter (Filteration Plants): This plant is based on three basic forms of filtration mechanism as follows surface straining, Cake Filtration & Depth Filtration.
Application: Pretreatment to all forms of Industrial water treatment and Potable Water
Advantages: Increase life of Ion Exchange Resin and Membranes by 25%, negligible maintenance, better filter quality at higher flow rate than conventional filters and achieve more uniform distribution of deposited solid through the depth of bed than traditional sand filter.
Down Flow Water Softner for Industrial Use (Softening Plants): Water softener is the unit which provides soft water by ion exchange phenomenon of strongly acidic cation exchanger resin. The resin, in sodium form, does the exchange of sodium ion for hardness forming calcium and magnesium ions to produce soft water. The down flow softener works on proven technique of co-current flow regeneration. After the capacity of resin exhausted, it is charged by sodium chloride solution to make it ready for next service cycle.
Reverse Osmosis Systems: Reverse Osmosis is a process in which water is forced by pressure (min. 100 PSI) through a   semi permeable membrane. The good water passes through the membrane while the dissolved and particulate material is sent down the drain. The RO process uses membranes to remove dissolved solids, organics, pyrogens and bacteria from water. RO also removes sodium, chloride, hardness fertilizers, insecticides, arsenic, heavy metals and many other contaminants from water.
Neel Water Treatment Systems Pvt. Ltd
135/a, Grotto Villa, Chinai Compound,
Juhu Tara Road,
Santa Cruz (W), Mumbai-400049
Telefax: + 91-22-26608106

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