Pure Water Enterprises

Pressure Filters, Water Softeners & Package Demineralisers
Established in 1980, Pure Water Enterprises is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of water treatment and purification systems.
Products: ‘Purewater’ Pressure Filters, Purewater Water Softeners, Purewater Package Demineralisers, Purewater Portable Demineralisers, Purewater Mixed Bed Demineralisers, Reverse Osmosis Equipment, Purewater Hydrogen Polisher & Purewater Water Treatment System etc.
‘Purewat’ Pressure Filters: Purewat’ Pressure Filter comprises a mild steel pressure-vessel with graded sand or activated carbon filter media of suitable particle size, depending upon the application – like removing suspended matter, turbidity, color, odour or free chlorine in water. For efficient filtration, a chemical dosing in raw water is often suggested. For raw water with higher turbidity, special treatment before filtration is necessary. Depending upon the volume of water to be filtered per hour, a horizontal filter or a vertical filter can be offered.
‘Purewat’ Water Softeners: ‘Purewat’ Water Softener removes the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and replaces them with sodium ions, by using good quality Base Exchange resin filled in a mild steel pressure vessel. FRP brine storage cum measuring tank and a hydraulic educator with piping and valves are provided for easier regeneration. The standard package type softeners are designed for counter current system of regeneration where salt solution is passed downwards during regeneration while water is passed upwards during treatment.
‘Purewat’ Package Demineralisers: All Demineralisers are supplied with more accurate Digital Conductivity Meters. Four Models (Two-Bed type) of package Demineralisers are manufactured for producing demineralised water from 350 liters per hour to 5800 litres per hour. These Demineralisers are also designed for counter current system of regeneration. The cation and anion vessels in these package demineralisers are generally of fiber – reinforced plastic construction and the pipe work and control valves are of PVC construction. Two separate FRP tanks are provided to hold acid and alkali for regenerating cation and anion units conveniently.
Pure Water Enterprises
B-9, Sidco Industrial Estate,
Villivakkam, Chennai – 600 049
Tel: + 91- 41- 2617 4507, 2617 0796
Fax: +91-44- 2617 2096

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