Suzlon announces low-wind 1.5 MW turbine for India [Apr 2012]

Suzlon Group announced its latest turbine in the 1.5 MW range focused on harnessing Class III, low-wind sites. The new turbine is specifically designed to deliver high efficiency and cost effective power generation even at low wind speeds, therefore increasing the size of the market and making wind power projects even more financially competitive than they are today.
The S8X, scheduled for launch in 2012, is designed specifically for the Indian market where the majority of potential lies in medium-to-low wind sites. This turbine is designed with advanced rotors, with diameters of 86.5 and 89 metres, and a tower height of 90 metres, which will bring improvements in energy yields of between 15 to 20 percent over the current S82 – 1.5 MW offering in low wind conditions.
Additionally, the S8X is designed specifically to operate in high temperatures, and to meet the current and future grid requirements in India. This turbine is an evolution of the proven S82 – 1.5 MW platform, with approximately 2,400 MW in installations consistently delivering 97 percent plus availability (uptime). The new design also incorporates several key features from the S9X suite of turbines, helping to achieve higher reliability, improved power output, higher safety and improved lightening protection. Like the S9X, the new turbine offers an improved pitch and yaw system, hub assembly, main frame and other key components, ensuring easier maintenance, greater reliability and higher uptime.
Tulsi Tanti, Chairman – Suzlon Group said, “As the Indian wind market continues to grow at over 40 per cent per year, we believe the S8X will be a game changer in the high-growth 1.5 MW segment – delivering higher reliability, uptime, energy production and ultimately greatly improved returns on investment to customers over its lifecycle”.

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