The OEM Challenge [Apr 2012]

“OEMs need to make their machines more intelligent to meet growing demands of market in order to gain competitive advantage”-Pradeep Karnik, VP Industry BU, Schneider Electric
The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are witnessing an unprecedented growth triggered by increased industrial production and international trade. How do our OEMs respond to the emerging opportunities and threats will determine the evolution of this industry. Some of the key challenges the OEMs are facing today are highlighted here.
Firstly, the expectations from the end-users in terms of productivity, flexibility and adaptability are ever increasing. The end-users want machines that are: • Productive• Reliable• Flexible• Adaptable• Energy efficient• Easily integrated into their factory processes, and• Easily integrated with machine safety solutions.
Secondly, international trade is on the rise; on one hand we are being confronted with increasing competition from international players and on the other hand our domestic OEMs are increasing their focus on exports. This is forcing the OEMs to design and develop new machines in the shortest possible time. With these challenges, the OEMs need to offer machines that are:• Quicker time to market• Optimised• Better performance• Easily upgradeable• Easily maintainable• Compliance with worldwide standards• International support.
“In short, the OEMs need to make their machines more intelligent to meet growing demands of market in order to gain competitive advantage,” said Pradeep Karnik, VP industries BU, Schneider Electric As a consequence the automation content in the machines is clearly on the rise. The choice of automation solutions is now, more than ever, a determining factor at each stage, from the design and development to implementation and maintenance of the machine. While the machinery manufacturers are well geared up to increase the mechanical competence, the expertise in advance automation solutions continues to be a challenge. This is further compounded by the scarcity of skilled automation expertise.
Schneider Electric offers its application focused solutions and domain expertise to help the OEMs to meet the challenges of present and future. Thanks to MachineStruxure!
MachineStruxure helps OEMs design more energy efficient and cost effective machines whilst maximising their performance. According to Mr. Karnik, “Based upon flexible hardware platforms and a comprehensive single software suite, MachineStruxure proposes tested, validated and documented architectures with application function block libraries”. MachineStruxure helps the OEMs to gain the competitive advantage in each stage of machine, he adds.
In order to increase customer satisfaction, sales and profitability; the OEMs might have to achieve excellence in each stage of machine’s life cycle. “From design to maintenance, OEMs can rely on us for assistance throughout the process”, he assures.
MachineStruxure is much more than products and architectures adapted to the OEMs needs; it is also services and support. “Our expertise and experience allow OEMs to increase efficiency and competitiveness throughout the life cycle of machines”, Mr. Karnik concludes.

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