WMI Konecranes launches new open winch crane

e-Ton, the new open winch crane from Konecranes is packed with features that not only improves the efficiency of material handling, but also brings ease in maintenance
 For decades, open winch technology has been the backbone of manufacturing industries in India. Even though the manufacturing industry evolved, machines became more efficient, processes became more streamlined; crane technology remained age-old and could not satisfy the expectations of emerging entrepreneurs of India.
The new e-Ton Crane series is a result of understanding of customers’ needs and Konecranes’s expertise and experience in design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of thousands of cranes in various Industries
Straight up and straight downTwo ropes with multiple reeving designs avoid any transverse motion of the hook while moving up or down. So, loads are lifted straight up and brought down to the exact place. This not only makes e-Ton cranes easy and safe to operate but also helps in handling more loads in lesser time.
Maintenance made easye-Ton crane series is packed with features which makes maintenance an easy job. High performance and reliable bearings, the arrangement of mechanical and electrical components, plug and socket connections, energy chain, advanced electro-hydraulic thruster brakes are just a few examples. Every component selection, design and layout of e-Ton cranes has been done in a way to make maintenance easy, reduce uptime and improve availability of the cranes for material handling demands.
Configured for valueLighter weight and better hook approach offers savings in structural costs. It can result in either use of more floor area or designing buildings smaller, either way; it justifies the initial investment in e-Ton.
“The best-in-class motor KW ratings and features of e-Ton brings can reduce operational and maintenance costs over the years and offer better economy per tonne of material that is handled by cranes,” the company claims.
Compact, yet spacious The innovative mechanical configuration of the E-Ton helps in reducing the hook approaches, thus offering more usable workspace. Yet, it has enough space, ladders and platforms to access all critical components during maintenance. For a better optimisation of space, Konecranes has developed headroom and hook approaches that have been minimised, thus offering maximum space for other operations above and below the cranes, which consequently helps enhance safety and enables customers to better utilise the working space at their facilities.
Modular, yet flexibleThe e-Ton crane series is based on modular design concept. The predefined parameters reduce the time to design the crane and helps in offering faster deliveries. Yet, customers can choose the options they need for improving productivity of their processes.
Every crane operation process is different, thus their specific needs are too. e-Ton can also help here by customising cranes to meet individual application requirements — for brand new cranes or the modernisation of existing ones. Also when modernising existing cranes with e-Ton, enhanced flexibility matches the design and process requirements.

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