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We aim for INR 1000 million from welding solutions

We aim for INR 1000 million from welding solutions

December 30, 2023 4:09 pm

M.V. Pathy, the Founder and CEO of Nouveaux Industries Pvt. Ltd. in Kangayam, provided articulate insights into his organisation, its guiding vision, his perspective on the forthcoming welding consumables market, and NPIL’s strategies to seize these prospects.

Please talk about Nouveaux Industries and its business activities.
Since 1994, we’ve been producing welding consumables. Our state–of–the–art manufacturing facility at Kangayam, Tamilnadu, turns out more than 12000 MT of welding consumables per annum.

Our extensive range of products is crafted to fulfil all the welding requirements of our clientele. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, our offerings have gained approval from various entities such as BIS, CE, IBR, RDSO, BHEL, and M.N. Dastur Co..

Please highlight the milestones your organisation has accomplished throughout this 29-year journey.
Since our inception in 1994 with the introduction of NOUVE MIG Wire (ER70S-6), we have progressively expanded our offerings to include SAW Wires, SAW Fluxes, SMAW, and FCAW consumables, establishing a comprehensive range of welding consumables. We have also diversified into manufacturing wire products for non-welding purposes and wire-drawing lines catering to the welding, steel, and cable industries.

Having started from ground zero 29 years ago, we aim to achieve a top-line revenue of INR 1000 million in the current fiscal year.

As the founder and leader of an MSME organisation, what experiences and insights have you gained?
Our initial learning has been that there is no alternative to quality and quality consistency. There are no shortcuts to quality and also no end to the journey. It is very important to maintain a positive cash flow always. And thirdly, it is critical to develop the capability to sustain possible shocks during market downtrends.

Also, we need to continuously innovate and invest in technological upgrades to keep pace with the market and improve our operational efficiency. Building a dedicated and skilled team is imperative for the organisation’s resilience and growth, navigating challenges and successes together.

How do you see the market for welding consumables developing in the next 10 years?
We expect a 7 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in India’s welding consumables market.


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Over the past decade, there has been a shift in processes from manual to semi-automatic and automatic methods. This trend will be even more pronounced in the following decade, with more and more customers adopting this path to improved quality and reduced costs.

The government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative is incentivising Indian manufacturers to elevate their position in the value chain. This emphasis on reducing imports will significantly influence future trends in the Indian Welding Industry. As new technologies emerge, there will be a demand for new materials. The welding industry must develop fresh processes and consumables tailored to these materials. The Welding Industry is on the brink of exciting times, filled with opportunities and challenges.

What aspirations do you hold for the future of your organisation?
Our vision is to make Nouveaux a globally recognised Welding Consumable company. We aim to establish Nouveaux as a renowned global brand in the Welding Consumable industry, recognised for its ability to serve all segments within the welding sector.

We aspire to be alive to the changing market needs, consistently enhancing our product lineup to deliver unwavering quality that aligns with the growing demands of the Welding Industry. While tackling technological advancements, our commitment is to provide cutting-edge technology through our products and services at the lowest possible cost.

What specific areas are you focusing on for the future?
Wire drawing is our core competency. We aim to capitalise on this by extending our manufacturing scope to encompass non-ferrous and low-alloy wires. This expansion will entail acquiring technology from international leaders, marking a significant move towards reducing imports. Additionally, increasing the installed capacity for SMAW consumables and SAW Fluxes is also high on our list of priorities.

Our sales efforts are currently almost entirely focused on the markets in South India. For the last year, we have started penetration into other Regional markets. We aim to ensure that at least one-third of our sales come from these new markets.

What plans do you have to expand into other product lines related to your current offerings?
We are already a major player in the manufacturing of wire drawing lines for the steel and welding industry. We have identified the cable industry as a high-potential segment for such production lines and are focusing on adapting our offerings to suit the requirements of this industry segment.

We are exploring the possibility of entering the welding equipment manufacturing sector. This move aligns naturally with our current product range. This will enhance our ability to offer comprehensive welding solutions. Additionally, it allows us to capitalise on our loyal customer and distributor network, facilitating rapid business expansion through existing synergies.

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