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Welding technologies solutions by Cloos transforming the manufacturing industry

Welding technologies solutions by Cloos transforming the manufacturing industry

December 29, 2023 7:23 pm

Recent technological advancements have revolutionized metal joining processes, leading to a shift in welding technology trends. Sumon Mitra, COO, Cloos India Welding Technology affirms Cloos is at the forefront of the innovations with comprehensive solutions.

What are the latest solutions in welding technologies developed by Cloos that are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry?
Advancements in technology have ushered in substantial transformations in metal joining processes. Consequently, emerging welding technology trends are slowly shifting away from traditional materials and manual methods towards cutting-edge arc welding, automated processes, and the latest metals and alloys. Moreover, there has been a notable enhancement in welding training and welding safety measures, ensuring a secure welding environment and hands-on practice. In this context, Cloos has already pioneered numerous comprehensive welding technology solutions.

Cold Weld by Qineo NexT mig AC Premium for precise welding with optimum heat input: This achieve excellent results when welding challenging materials using the directionally stable MIG/MAG AC pulsed arc of Cold Weld. Cold Weld combines a pulsed arc with AC technology. Due to the adjustable AC part you can individually control the heat input into the component. Cold Weld enables higher welding speeds by increasing the deposition rate while maintaining an optimal heat input, which positively impacts the component and material characteristics. The reduced heat input preserves the original material properties, minimizing distortion and the need for extensive rework. Additionally, Cold Weld can compensate for material tolerances thanks to its excellent gap-bridging ability.

Do you wish to reduce your production costs for demanding materials and to increase the quality at the same time? Then rely on Cold Weld by CLOOS!!

To advance automation, Cloos has pioneered robotic welding systems with ARC seam tracking technology, tactile sensing, and adaptive capabilities. These technologies automatically detect and rectify any deviations in welding seams or variations in groove preparation. Cloos’ technology eliminates the need for re-teaching. It also boosts productivity and ensures consistent weld quality, even when dealing with variations in pre-weld products.

How does automation technology address the shortage of skilled welders in the industry?
Many companies are dealing with a shortage of proficient welders and the need for non-repetitive welding tasks. To address this challenge, Cloos introduces the Arcbot as their initial foray into automation solutions. Herein below are the product offerings by Cloos.

QINEO ArcBoT–Precise and robust: The QINEO ArcBot includes all the essential components for automated welding, designed to work perfectly together and easy to mount. This compact “Ready to weld” package arrives fully operational, facilitating its smooth integration into current production workflows. The  integrated safety components guarantee essential personnel protection. An electrically adjustable protective screen can be added to the optional welding table. This shields the surrounding area from the UV radiation generated during welding.

It is ready with all types of Mig & Tig welding machine and innovative welding process of Cloos and also with Fume extraction torch with filter unit to maintain the floor environment.”

Qirox Roboscan: Are you looking to efficiently automate welding for even the smallest batch sizes? In steel and metal construction, creating automated welding programs for small batches can be time-consuming and costly. With the IRPS Instant Robot Programming System, you can generate automated welding programs quickly, making it cost-effective to weld even individual workpieces. That implies that automated welding of workpieces in batch size 1 pays off now. The Roboscan benefits are as following.


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This system minimizes the programming effort, resulting in significant time savings, enhanced system efficiency, and the elimination of the need for a CAD workstation.

Recognition of position and tolerances of the workpiece provide excellent weld quality and saving time because re-teaching is not necessary. Moreover, the elimination of clamping devices reduces investment costs and minimizes non-productive times.

Planning times are shortened, allowing for just-in-time production, reduced personnel and resource allocation, and quicker delivery periods. And, the intuitive operation allows for a flexible use of personnel with minimal training expenditure.

How is welding technology adapting to embrace digitalization and data-driven processes in the era of Industry 4.0?
Cloos has integrated its Industry 4.0 software, C-gate, to offer the necessary signals for Industry 4.0. The C-Gate IoT platform enables real-time access to welding production data, which is centrally entered and processed within an integrated information and communication tool. This empowers users to closely oversee and manage their production processes with precision. The platform includes multiple modules that users can activate based on their unique digitalization strategies.

What about Ready to weld compact system in Cloos? 
The QIROX compact cells are perfectly matched “ready to weld” systems in a compact size. Each compact celis equipped with two welding areas so that a high and economic duty cycle can be obtained. The cells are characterized by a container design and mounted on a base frame which can be transported via forklift trucks The basic system dimensions allow a transport by truck without any disassembly. Each system consists of a  QIROX robot with controller, a water-cooled QINEO welding power source with wire drive unit, cable assemblies, welding torch, torch bracket incl. collision sensor and an automatic torch cleaning unit. Depending on the system, manual rotary tables, rotary tables with turning or turn-tilt positioners are available. We also supply a complete safety package, i. e. protective enclosure, service door, start preselection with emergency stop, glare shield and light barrier. The compact cell is the perfect solution to start with automation and to economically weld smaller components. 

In order to achieve optimum and economic welding of any workpiece, CLOOS has developed an extensive range of compact cells. They do not require much space and can be easily integrated into any production. From sensors to controller each compact cell or compact system is a tailor-made unit with components which match each other perfectly. With their large variety of welding processes, extensive options and complementary services, CLOOS can offer you the perfect solution for all requirements of automated series production.

What next in Cloos for Tig welding solution?
Start your next TIG mission with QINEO QuesT: The new high tech welding power source solves highly demanding TIG tasks reliably and efficiently. The QINEO QuesT is characterized by precise ignition properties and optimal process functions. The stable arc which is easy to control over the entire power range guarantees excellent welding results. With TIG pulsing, you benefit from the fast transitions even with large capacity differences – and thus obtain perfect welds.

Cloos India Welding Technology Private Limited
Ground & 1st Floor, Plot No. 114/1/3, General Block, Midc Bhosari, Pune, Maharashtra 411026 India
Website:- www.cloos.de
Email :- contact@cloos.in
Mobile:-7003545907 / 9168383939

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