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Triobotics, speaks about Tribiotics and the offerings of the company in the areas of automation.

“Automation is all about passion and this is what our employees’ exhibit which makes us deals with any complex systems in the easiest manner. We are into any type of automation from low cost to high cost with various applications. Our strength lies in understanding complexities of the requirements and transforms it into an efficient, cost effective solution (system or machine) which will improve our customer’s productivity and accuracy to a greater extent,” says Sunil Yallapragada, Managing Director, Triobotics Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd. The company is into studying the process thoroughly and provide machine or factory level simulation which closely resembles the actual working system to the customer. This way the customer can look at his process bottlenecks and advice any changes in his requirements if it looks necessary. Yallapragada says, “With this we would have frozen the final system and give exactly what customer expects and turn that into reality. We are specialized in robotic milling system for high accuracy applications along with other areas like robotic cutting, welding, grinding, painting, gluing and quality checking using laser scanner.”

He further added, “Apart from these we offer full turnkey solutions to factory or process automation. We are also into some interesting applications like Automated Guided Vehicles with potential use in factory or store movements, theme parks based on robotics like robocoaster. It is to be understood that robotics are improving customer’s productivity and quality by being repetitive and able to perform heavy jobs where human fatigue plays major role and in harsh environments (temperature, chemical emissions etc.) and should not be misunderstood that they are direct replacement of the workers. Workers can be promoted and utilized to be supervisors and can look after other areas to improve company’s overall throughput.”

Speaking about the growth in India, Yallapragada said, “India is growing rapidly and many industries are opting for automation to improve productivity, quality and reduce down their cost. With cost of living increasing over the past years, the labour rates are also going high in the Indian market and the best way to tackle such situation is by adopting automation solutions. We are creating awareness to companies what wonders automation can do to boost their profits and enhance their expansions. We have seen the raising interest in companies getting inclined towards automation in the recent expos.”

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