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Graebert unveils ARES Commander 2016

More than just a cost-effective alternative, Graebert has established ARES as a reference for innovation in the CAD market
 Graebert, one of the CAD pioneers from Germany, has introduced ARES Commander 2016 with advanced features. Selling primarily to other CAD OEM vendors such as Corel and DassaultSystemes, Graebert has an installed base of over 5 million users of its 2D CAD ARES technology.
ARES Commander 2016 from Graebert is available for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. It supports perpetual licensing and a licensing feature called LicenseToGo. Graebert also has ARES Touch for Android and iPad, a full featured CAD application for tablets and iPad.  This application is available to all customers with an active subscription of ARES Commander at no cost.
ARES Commander includes all the common CAD tools required for creating, editing, and viewing drawings while maintaining compatibility with the DWG files.   
Annotative scaling adjusts the size and scale of dimensions, texts, hatches and blocks to the scale of each viewport. Annotations are displayed with consistent and uniform sizes across all viewports in layouts sheets.
Quick Input allows to enter coordinates, angles and distances right next to your cursor. Quick Input also displays dynamic information about lengths, angles, prompts and options. The interaction with ARES Commander has never been so intuitive and fast. The new contextual toolbar appears next to the cursor when entities are selected. Shortcuts include zoom to selection, change entity layer, change LineStyle or LineWidth, and the possibility to create a dimension or a block from the selection. Creating curved text entities along an arc is easy. Some options supported include text formatting, offset distance and choice between convex or concave sides of the arc. The ImportDGN command inserts content from DGN files (V7 or V8) as a block in your drawing. The .dgn format is popular among users of MicroStation; and some other CAD software. DGN import offers a higher interoperability with other professionals. Drawing Tabs are now displayed at the top of the drawing window area. When flying the cursor over a tab, one can see a preview of the drawing and its different layouts to switch quickly to the desired view.
The new LayerState Manager allows to create and name different scenarios for layers to easily switch between them. One may for example hide some layers and change their colour to show different aspects of the same project. SelectMatching allows to find similar entities. IsolateEntities and HideEntities let one to show or hide parts of a drawing. IsolateLayers is also improved with new option to lock and fade the remaining layers.
Graebert’s LicenseToGo feature makes it easy to use your ARES Commander license on other computers regardless of the target computer’s operating system. This feature lets one activate his/her license on another computer for up to five days. After that period, he/she can renew the license on the same PC or on a different workstation.
ARES Commander includes the Constraint Design Solver (CDS) from DassaultSystèmes Spatial. The constraint solver adds intelligence to drawings and allows user to capture the design intent. With it, one can define relationships between entities in terms of geometry, such as stay parallel, horizontal, and tangent or set dimensions, including equal length, proportional and formula. Later, when elements are modified, the other entities will adapt according to the constraints set by user.  This can be used to create parametric drawings.
ARES Touch CAD solution runs on Android tablets and smartphones. It syncs files via Dropbox or Google Drive and can be shared by USB. Customers of ARES Commander with valid subscription receive ARES Touch for one year, renewable for successive one-year terms with a Graebert subscription.
The Dynamic Blocks editing functionality lets users edit dynamic blocks inserted in a DWG drawing by other CAD software such as AutoCAD.
“Through innovation, Graebert has established itself as the second-largest and fastest-growing CAD community with millions of professionals ARES technology based solutions,” the company claims. “Graebert has established ARES as a reference for innovation in the CAD market.”
ARES Commander 2016 runs on 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 operating systems, Mac OS X (10.5.8 or higher) and Linux platforms, including Debian, Fedora, Suse Linux and Ubuntu. Graebert offers optional plug-ins and add-ons that extend and tailor ARES Commander for such design areas as mechanical or electrical engineering and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) design.
ARES Commander customers receive a one-year support subscription that includes all updates, email support, LicenseToGo functionality and a one-year ARES Touch subscription. Network flex licenses are available for corporate users.
Graebert has announced more software solutions recently – ARES Mechanical for Mechanical Engineers, ARES Map for GIS Users, and ARES Kudos is Graebert’s cloud solution for CAD users. n
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