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Automatic control loop tuning


B&R mapp Hydraulics software components provide convenient access to advanced closed-loop hydraulic functions.

New software components for easy hydraulics control

B&R is introducing new software components for controlling hydraulics applica-tions. These components provide easier access to advanced closed-loop control functions and assist developers in the design, simulation, virtual commissioning and diagnosis of hydraulic systems. B&R mapp Hydraulics provides numerous new functions, particularly for variable-speed pump drives.

Automatic control loop tuning
With the autotuning function, the system automatically optimises the control loop parameters for the hydraulic pressure controller. This boosts both quality and system performance. Optimised pressure control parameters also help pre-vent damage caused by overloading or cavitation.

If autotuning is used during operation, the machine software can automatically recalibrate the controller following changes to environmental conditions or other factors such as load forces or characteristics.

Automatic calculation of maximum values
Another mapp Hydraulics component automatically calculates the maximum ac-celeration and deceleration values for a hydraulic drive. The drive moves auton-omously within the operational limits defined by the user to identify the maxi-mum values for a given hydraulic axis. This significantly shortens commissioning times for hydraulic axes.

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