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IIoT: A long lasting technology system


Managing Director, CAD Macro Design & Solutions
IIoT will become a base platform for all engineering sectors in the days to come by taking its core advantages.

IIoT and its current trend
IIoT can be defined as an extended IoT platform to consolidate the status of connected devices, sensors, control systems and server computing systems to monitor, analyse and to decide action flow in any engineering process flow at wide range of enterprises. Eventually, it started emerging with extra ordinary importance as it could change the way business verticals operates currently through its generated impact in the infrastructure, technology, effective data connectivity thereby a robust system in every single industry it gets adopted. K.Manickam, Managing Director, CAD Macro Design & Solutions Pvt Ltd informs, “It is found that IIoT applications can be effectively used to improve existing efficiency models at existing power plants, oil and gas extraction sources, and manufacturing plants and even in primary service sectors and remote governing systems. By and large, this platform could eventually emerge as a long lasting technology system by supporting data analysis, application developments, machine based intelligent systems and to transform the current manufacturing practices into next level rational systems.”

IIoT: A predominant and dependable platform
The IIoT in manufacturing has an amazing scope as it could create drastic impact in the overall cycle such as monitoring, production cycle time, remote control, data analytics, decision making and other sensitive factors related to the vertical. In fact, IIoT enabled production platforms could support Lean Management Practices also to a major extend as they can be used to monitor and connect individual parts of complex machinery and to take timely actions by producing wear and tear alerts, sensor information and energy consumption history. Manickam explains, “The interesting context in any IIoT enabled platforms is that they could support sending diagnostic data without any human intervention and they can be fitted into complex assemblies that are difficult to constantly examine for quality, thus saving time. Certainly, IIoT devices can be used as a complimenting move in the manufacturing sector in determining quality of a product and take decisions based on its production history by setting certain rules.”

Based on the current market studies, it is observed that IIoT can reach out an average of 5 trillion dollar market space by 2025 in a collective front which includes direct investments, in-direct deployment scenarios, merger and acquisitions among major players in related segments. It is estimated by global finance experts that the circuit engineering market alone can reach out an average of 1 trillion dollar in terms of IIoT applied platforms and its synergised verticals.

Manickam believes, by and large, if changing technology trends, smart manufacturing, remote management, Lean Management and holistic approach are going to be the key drivers for next generation manufacturing, then, no doubt, IIoT could be a predominant and most dependable platform to enable everything in single stream. He adds, “In fact, such a dynamic transition could support 7-10 per cent average growth in every segment with consistent development on capacity building year on year basis to add millions of jobs and appealing growth indicators in a global scenario. In this front, surely, medical, aerospace, civil, automotive, consumer electronics, infrastructure development, national energy development and other relevant sectors will get into IIoT Platforms and use them as catalysing phenomena.”

CAD Macro’s preparedness in the area of IIoT
Manickam said, “We are working predominantly on CAM Tool Development and Tool Room ERP at CAD Macro, it would be more appropriate if we consolidate our preparedness on IIoT in those two perspectives. It is obvious that generating machine breakdown alerts, preventive maintenance alerts, job status alerts, warehouse alerts and other machine specific status updates could make huge positive impact when it comes to reduced communication gaps and increased productivity in any isolated machine floors.”

He informs, “We are exploring the scope of embedding IIoT platforms in our future products as an integration mechanism from a non-digital product line to converged digital product lines in align with our CAM and Tool Room ERP Products. In fact, IIoT will become a base platform for all engineering sectors in the days to come by taking its core advantages.”

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