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Digitisation paves the way to new technological age which will radically transform production value chain as the machines, fixtures, tools , measuring and checking devices are networked and works even with minimum human intervention.

Hardik Mistry, DGM – Application Engineering & BD, Komet Precision Tools India

Komet Group is a global technology major in the fields of high-precision drilling, reaming, milling, threading and process monitoring. In an interview with OEM Update, Hardik Mistry, Deputy General Manager – Application Engineering & Business Development, Komet Precision Tools India explains what his company has to offer for smart factory. Interview excerpts:

Digitisation paves the way to new technological age
Many industries are facing challenges for managing their manufacturing cost and price for sustainable and profitable business. Customers want innovative, high quality economical products in shorter time. Nevertheless, resources are always scarce and manufacturing industries have to produce goods and extend their superior services from the available resources for long term profitable business growth.

In today’s highly competitive scenario, offering high quality product or service with minimum cost is one of the key to success and manufacturing industries are aiming to increase their output at least cost to increase their profitability.

Digitisation helps in a big way for manufacturing industry in order to meet their requirements. Digitisation paves the way to new technological age which will radically transform production value chain (e.g. smart factory) as the machines, fixtures, tools , measuring and checking devices are networked and works even with minimum human intervention. Further, it increases manufacturing process reliability and reduces wastages.

A long way to go
India is a developing country and constantly growing very good GDP. Further, there will be very much focus on growth agenda in emerging economy like India. It is obvious that manufacturing industry will influence for building modern digital ecosystem. Many companies have started manufacturing by emerging technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), cyber physical sensors, advanced algorithms and 3D printing and many have their plans too.

As a matter of fact, the journey of digitisation has begun long back in India with mobiles and Internet. The trend has confirmed that mobile has become first source of assessing the Internet and further it is matter of time and speed at which it is continuing. However, this can be accelerated with government participation and support. Government plays a critical role for appropriate policies and framework to provide secure and safe environment. Government campaigns and initiatives like ‘Digital India’ are being promoted to speed up growth digitally and economically. India has reached to such a level and more or less ready for digitisation in any kind of manufacturing sector. However, still a long way to go.

Komet helps manufacturing industries to move on for smart factories
Komet Brinkhaus supplies tailor-made solutions of assistance machining systems. Komet team support the development of Industry 4.0 by providing data as well as filter mechanism and applications to achieve the targets of a ‘smart factory’.

The systems from Komet Brinkhaus is primarily used for monitoring machining processes such as milling, turning, reaming, drilling and grinding. Its assistant machining Industry 4.0 systems provide comprehensive proof of correct production workflow, at the same time making sure nothing goes wrong.

Komet’s assistance machining Industry 4.0 system – ToolScope is self-learning and self-adjusting automatic system which offers complete functionality of process visualisation and management. Using a special patented method for statistical process control, it is possible to not only reduces tool breakage but also observe significantly lower manufacturing deviations. As a result, system provides a method for quality control never seen before. It also detects events such as tool change and machine stoppage in addition to usual methods of process control.

Brinkhaus ToolScope Industry 4.0 solution system will radically transform production value chain like smart factory. This means, industrial production machines are no longer only about “processes or tool” but ToolScope Industry 4.0 system communicates with the machines to tell it exactly what machines should do in each process with each tools.

Komet ToolScope system helps manufacturing industries to move on for smart factories (Industry 4.0) with its substantial advantages of Increasing process safety, elimination of non-value adding tasks and with highest level of transparency and reductions of machine downtime. Komet provides an Artificial Intelligence to the machines with their hardware, software and sensors which takes actions automatically before human takes actions. Further, it provides details information regarding what went wrong and why it went wrong to prepare full proof corrective and preventive action to solve manufacturing issues and to take informed decision.

Komet system works live with the machines and can help to reduce and recognise tool breakages, faulty processes, missing or faulty loaded work piece, scrap reduction, live feedback with process visualisation, increase and decrease feed rates automatically on cast components and saves cycle time and tools from overloads, automatic feed control when major vibration occurs, support to maintenance in trouble shooting with data and process data accessibility, data can be analysed from every place in an organisation which provides consistent data transparency.

Komet Brinkhaus assistance machining system will help the manufacturing industries to become even more successful and increase their competitive edge by enhancing production efficiency with substantial cost reductions.

Komet helps big way for:
• Increase of machine availability.
• Increase of process safety by automatic parameter controls.
• Optimisation of tool life times for consumable items.
• Reduction of repair and insurance costs of capital items.
• Increase of process transparency and data for faster and informed decision making.
• Decrease in manual interruption and improves quality.

In order to increase awareness of digital manufacturing, Komet training centre is equipped with ToolScope system on most modern 5-axis machine for live demonstration. Komet welcomes to experience comprehensive Industry 4.0 smart factory solution at their technology centre in Bengaluru.

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