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Machining Software to empower SMEs


Could you give us a brief overview of your company?
Machining Software Pvt Ltd is a self-funded start-up incorporated in May 2016 with the aim to design, develop and deploy “OnCreate3D”, world’s first CAM Centric Cloud CAM application. We are on a mission to create something useful in 3D and have been working towards the development from September 2015. We launched free public Beta release of OnCreate3D on 12th January 2017. Till date, we have more than 2,500 subscribers and the number is steadily growing.

OnCreate3D is a browser based offline CAM software package. Unlike a desktop CAM software that runs on a desktop/laptop and is therefore tied to machine hardware including hardware/software locks; OnCreate3D runs in browser and so it is accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere. User only needs a standard browser and good internet connection to use OnCreate3D. Cloud infrastructure allows users to use 64 GB or even 128 GB RAM, multi-threading and built in concurrency to execute complex toolpath operations in minutes that could easily take half an hour on desktop CAM software. OnCreate3D eliminates users’ need to pay for onetime upfront purchase of desktop CAM software, AMC or upgrade charges for renewals and management of software installations, software/hardware lock maintenance and updates. OnCreate3D aims to bring down the cost of ownership of CAM software by 80 per cent compared with desktop CAM software.

MITCON, Pune provided us with the certification of innovative product in May 2016 and we subsequently registered our company as start-up with DIPP, Govt. of India’s start up initiative in June 2016.

What are some of the latest initiatives in your domain.
Design and manufacturing industry is slowly adapting Cloud processing and solutions in its mainstream workflows. Autodesk Fusion 360 and Onshape have already successfully deployed browser-based Cloud CAD products, so multiple users can collaborate across geographical boundaries. Serious users for Cloud CAD products and its consumption is steadily increasing. This trend is getting extended in manufacturing domain as well. Various apps for cycle time calculations, should costing and tools/material selection are being developed and distributed. Soon users will expect to create manufacturing plans and NC Files for CNC Machines in remote factories and monitor incoming data feeds for process efficiencies and line balancing.

What are market opportunities for your company in India?
Job shops and SMEs in India are our target customers. These set-ups usually have a couple or more of CNC machines or new set ups wanting to add a couple of CNC machines. Buying a CNC machine at huge investment is necessary, but they are left with very small budgets to buy desktop CAM software, trained machinists to program part for them etc. Typically, they program 2 to 3 new components per month and therefore engage in utilising CAM software for up to 10 days in a month. The rest of the time, CAM software is not utilised. But it still needs maintenance, AMC and/or upgrades every year. The cost of owning CAM software is high for these set ups. OnCreate3D plans to help SMEs with ‘pay as you go’ option. Users can subscribe monthly for unlimited projects at Rs1,800 per month or they can purchase credits for 3 or 5 projects at Rs975 or Rs1,300 with no limit of time for consuming the credits. It is our responsibility to manage uptime for OnCreate3D over internet, upgrades to new version on monthly basis and customer support 24×7 for users to fully utilise OnCreate3D on cloud. Although privacy of data is still a concern, we have seen many users uploading their production parts and downloading NC files for their cycle time calculations, dry runs, simulation and even production purpose.

What is future prospect for your Industry?
CIMData reports indicate good CAD/CAM adaption over next few years. CIMData survey carried out in April 2017 shows 16 per cent of CAD users to have already deployed Cloud CAD products, 14 per cent taking decisions to implement the same in next one year and so on. Although, there is no specific data available for CAM adaption, it is safe to assume that it will follow trends of CAD users.

What is the top line product range? Is there any plan to add more products or modules?
OnCreate3D currently has implemented milling module and nesting module. As of today, more than 2,500 users have created more than 5,000 projects and more than 25,000 toolpath operations on OnCreate3D. We have subscribers from 34 countries, largest being users from USA, Indian user count ranks at 4. In coming months, we plan to add lathe, wire-EDM, laser and punch module.

What is your vision for your company?
We want to be preferred partners in success stories of our customers, only then we can write our own success story. As SMEs, Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers are constantly under pressure to either reduce prices by 2-3 per cent year-on-year basis or improve efficiencies on yearly basis, we want to provide them with more economical solutions and customer support beyond expectations to achieve their targets.

The cost of owning CAM software is high … OnCreate3D plans to help SMEs with ‘pay as you go’ option.
Abhijit Kumthekar, Co-Founder and Director, Machining Software Pvt Ltd

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