Ace Vantage- High precision CNC Turning centers [Oct 2011]

Ace Vantage series turning centres combine power, rigidity and productivity. These are high precision CNC Turning centres with C and Y axes capability to cater to a wide variety of machining needs like milling, drilling, tapping and front/back-end turning applications in a single setup which increases the machine capability significantly. All the stations are capable of driving a Milling, Drilling or Tapping head attachments. For live tooling to be effective, the spindle provides precise circular orientation of the workpiece and during live tool operations, the spindle is locked by a powerful brake, which disengages while turning and indexing. The Spindle is designed for heavy duty cutting. Power up series motor are offered for increased torque at lower spindle rpms.         C-axisC-axis provides bi-directional motion that can be interpolated with X and / or Z motion. The rotating cutters are mounted on the tool turret and they move in the same two axes of motion as the turning tools. 
Y-axisY-axis is a third linear axis which enables rotary cutters to machine across the spindle centre line. To get Y-axis motion, an extra set of ways is used to move the live tool across the face of the spindle. Machining workpieces which are not parallel or perpendicular to the spindle centre line, along the centre line, which cannot be directly accessed to the rotating Drill, Mill or Tap can be done using a Y axis feature. Thereby production shops can realize quickly the production advantages of integrating Milling / drilling and turning operations. Full contouring movement of the workpiece allows profiling cuts to be made using simultaneous X-Y-Z-axes motion with the C-axis. This makes it a true four-axis machine.
ArchitectureMajor structural components have been combined into one solid platform. True slant bed design provides the most rigid foundation possible for headstock, turret and tailstock / sub spindle
Ribbings are reinforced to the optimum and to make it one piece bed structure. Mechanical rigidity has been increased substantially thereby machine is capable of performing heavy-duty turning / milling / drilling and maintain high precision accuracy.
Heavily ribbed, one piece bed and casting components are of Grade 25 casting which is capable of withstanding stress without deforming and provides vibration dampening, which result in a machine that will perform to the best levels of accuracies.
This machine can be offered in many variants like:• Just a 2 axes machine• 2 axes machine with C axis for turn mill applications• 2  axes with C & Y axis• Fully loaded machine with 2 axes, C axis, Y axis & Sub spindle options. 
Contact:ACE Designers Ltd.Plot No.7 & 8, II Phase,Peenya Industrial Area,Bangalore – 560 058.Tel: +91-80-2218 6700, Fax: +91-80-2218 6723E-mail : acedesigners@acemicromatic.comWeb: www.acedesigners.co.in.

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