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Turbine blowers/exhausters, Induction bearing heaters
Acmevac Sales Pvt. Ltd has now extended the range of their turbine blowers/exhausters, and these are now available from 0.5 hp to 15 hp.  These are regenerative blowers and can be used for vacuum or pressure applications. The impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft itself. There are no rubbing parts and hence these blowers are practically maintenance-free and absolutely oil-free.
Noise levels are considerably reduced as silencers are provided. These blowers are particularly useful in areas where oil-less, continuous non-pulsating air flow is required. Applications include air tables, agitation/aeration, vacuum hold-down and pick-up, air blow-off, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying, etc.
Vivid EHS series induction heaters are designed for mounting bearings or any other ring shape part like pinion, bearing races, labyrinth, gears, couplings, etc by expanding through induction heating and shrunk fit on axles. Many bearings are pre-lubricated and protected by shields or rubber seals. Others have brass or copper cages. Some have unusually small clearance. All types can be heated by Easy-Heat (S) induction heaters, made from impact-resistant strong, scratch-resistant body of fibre glass coated with special heat-resistant PU coating.
The horizontal yoke and bearing to be heated are placed across vertical supports and  ground-machined to keep energy losses very low. The entire magnetic conductors are made from CRGO laminations.
The Easy-Heat (S) series heaters incorporate the latest microprocessor controller with memory. Its unique feature is the recipe programming. The user can store minimum 10 recipe programmes for operating parameters of the frequently shrink-fitting jobs like bearings, racers, pinions, couplings, etc. 
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