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Eroform pr12 Low Cost Pump Bearing Solution
Tenmat, the leading composite bearing manufacturer introduces FERROFORM PR 12 grade self /water lubricated pump bearing & neck/case ring. FEROFORM PR12 is a high performance bearing material with excellent dry running capabilities at high load. Low friction properties and low wear rates are characteristics of this product.
FEROFORM PR12 bearing can operate with or without lubrication. lt has high load carrying capacity and low coefficient of friction. Some of the features of FEROFORM PR12 are freedom from stick slip, resistance to corrosive attack, high wear resistance, good dimensional stability and very low water swell and thermal expansion.
It is easy to install the machine. It has the capacity to form and maintain close tolerance with excellent abrasion resistance. Further, it accepts a wide range of mating materials.
The above benefits and cost advantages make FERROFORM PR12 a popular choice of bearing & neck ring material among pump manufacturers, consultants & OEMs, replacing rubber cutlass, bronze & elastomeric bearing
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