Bharat Gears Ltd.

Furnaces, automotive components,ring gears
Bharat Gears Ltd. is one of the world leaders in gears technology and India’s largest gear manufacturer. BGL is a major global supplier of automotive gears and heat treatment furnaces. The company manufactures a wide range of ring gears and pinions, transmission gears and shafts, differential gears, gear boxes for the automotive industry.
Ring Gears & Pinions: We manufacture over 450,000 hypoid/spiral ring gear and pinion sets to service a variety of trucks, buses, cars and utility vehicles. We offer both world-famous systems of hypoid gear generation – Gleason (face milling) and Oerlikon (face hobbing). We manufacture gear sets from 6″ to 18.5″ ring gear sizes.
We have state-of-the-art machines under both systems. We are equipped to satisfy the most discerning customers not only by way of offering a system of choice, but also through our ability to design and develop hypoid/spiral gears.
Transmission Gears & Shafts: Our facility includes state-of-the-art machines like gear shaping, hobbing, shaving and gear grinding machines as well as gear testers & induction hardening machines. Our latest acquisition in gear grinding has been the Gleason Tag 400 Cylindrical Gear Grinder. The machine has 8 axes on CNC and is highly productive. All possibilities of profile/lead modifications can be obtained.
Precision Gear assemblies are accomplished using high quality (GMAW) welding machines. These machines have P.L.C and use an inert gas medium. High weld integrity and consistency in welding are guaranteed.
Differential Gears: We offer to our customers a choice of two systems – Gleason Coniflex and Gleason Revacycle systems of straight bevel generation. We manufacture nearly a million components per annum and these gears find application in cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks and tractors.
Gear Boxes: We manufacture Synchromesh Gear Boxes for light commercial vehicle application.
These gear boxes are light in weight with aluminium housing.
Bharat Gears Ltd.
Hoechst House, 14th Floor,
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400024
Tel: +91-022-22883180/22820112

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