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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners & Scrubbing Machines
Cleanfloor Equipments is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Floor Cleaning Machines & Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners. The company offers a wide range of products which are quite exclusive in their quality. The range encompasses of industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbing & scarifying machines, Auto Scrubber Driers, heavy duty vacuum cleaners, oil & coolant recycling unit, continuous flux recovery system, dust collectors and manual sweeper.
Products: Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Scrubbing Machines, Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners and Sweeping Machines.
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: MINIVAC and TRILOVAC Vacuum Cleaners are the most powerful Vacuum Cleaners developed by the expert engineers to suit the Indian conditions. Any ordinary man can use the machine at its maximum performance to get optimum results.

Salient Features: Robust and rigid construction to withstand rough handling, mobile vacuum cleaner, suitable for Wet / Dry Cleaning to easily remove dirt & dust, powerful vacuum system for effective cleaning, Single phase motor for wide applicability & wide floor nozzle to clean large areas.
Scrubbing Machines: The Company offers one of the best Scrubbing and Scarifying machines to the industry and to the market. Floor scrubbing machines are also of two types which include Miniscrub & Triloscrub and also well known as scrubbing machines manufacturers and suppliers in India. MINISCRUB & TRILOSCRUB are the powerful and effective floor scrubbing/ scarifying machines for cleaning different types of floors.
MINISCRUB with a working diameter of 18inch is most suitable in areas where there are space limitations such as hotels, hospital, administrative buildings, food processing units and commercial buildings.
TRILOSCRUB is most suitable where the areas are quite large & more space needs to be cleaned in short time. With the Heavy duty & Medium duty brushes the heavy block, sticky impaction found on the floors of heavy engineering industries, bus depots and railway loco shades can be effectively removed in the shortest period of time. With the three brush mechanism and planetary action incorporated in both the machines, the operator do not have physical fatigue and hence the machines can be operated for longer period of time.
Cleanfloor Equipments
116, Gajanan HSG SOC, Vidyanagar,
Karad – 415124, Maharashtra
Tel: +91-2164-272547
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