Crane Process Flow Technologies India Ltd

Valves, Actuation & Pumps
Established by Crane Co. in April 2001 through the acquisition of well known brands including Saunders, Depa and Revo, Crane Process Flow Technologies specialises in providing solutions to the diversified process industry, through the development, production and distribution of valves, actuation, pumps and related flow components. The Company’s range of products include diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, quarter turn and linear actuation.
Diaphragm Valves: Today, the Saunders brand is the standard for excellence and performance in diaphragm valve technology and is widely recognised in the process industries. The Company’s expertise in diaphragm valves is equally apparent in standard two-way valves as it is in custom designed, multi-valve arrangements machined from a single block of stainless steel.
Center Line Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves: Center Line brand has been a market leader in resilient seated quarter turn valves for more than forty years, and has earned a reputation as a superior valve at competitive prices.
Saunders M Type Ball Valve: Saunders ‘M’ type full bore valves provides a choice of body, ball, seat materials, end connections and methods of operation to satisfy the needs of the majority of industrial ball valve applications where high flow and complete leak-tight closures are important. Saunders full bore design is truly full bore, minimising pressure loss. Applications: chemicals, paint and colours, pulp and paper, food and beverage.
DEPA Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps: DEPA air operated diaphragm pumps have established their reliability and efficiency all over the world in harsh operations and under the toughest application conditions.
ELRO Peristaltic Pumps: ELRO mobile and stationary peristaltic pumps have been established as indispensable products in the positive displacement pumps market, serving industries such as the chemical, building, environmental and power industries.
Single Chek I: Due to their compact construction, small dimensions and outstanding self-centering disc design, SINGLE-CHEK I Check Valves Series VIA/CV have proven reliability behind pumps, compressors and blowers in a wide range of applications. Applications: Power Generation, Water and Waste Water, Oil and Gas.
Crane Process Flow Technologies India Ltd
Amar Avinash Corporate Plaza, 7th Floor,
Plot No. D2, C.T.S. No. 11/1 to 11/4,
Near Inox Multiplex, Bund Garden Road, Pune 411 001
Tel: +91-20-3054 6100  
Fax: +91-20-26050927

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