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Dynamic Hexa Drives and Ratchet Drives
Deeps Tools Pvt. Ltd, is an ISO certified company and also a manufacture of drop Forged hand tools via  wrenches and spanners of varied Designs made according to IS, DIN and ANSI standards.
The company constantly developing new products which are designed with the most advanced technology to keep up pace with the latest market requirements. And also has a good control on every stage of its manufacturing process, such as selection of raw material, design, forging, machining and finishing ensures the highest quality standards of tools.
Products: Dynamic Hexa Drive, Ratchet Drive, Super Drive, Multi Drive, Flare Nut Wrench, Flanged Flare Nut Wrench, ORX Double Ended Ring Wrenches (Straight), Gear Wrench.
Dynamic Hexa Drive:
Dynamic Hexa Drive profile forces only on the flats not on the corners of the fasteners. The dimensions of these spanners have precisely calculated so that single spanner will operate on both metric and inch series fasteners, fewer tools are required to perform a range of operations.
Torque Loading:
Dynamic Hexa Drive profile has been designed to provide a greater area of force application compared with that applied by conventional tools. This tool in distributing the torque load to the fastener through the flats does not only achieve greater force but also lowers the possibility of distortion to the nut or bolt head.
Ratchet Drive:
Ratchet Wrenches have a new fixed open end design that combines the design of an open end wrench with the versatility of ratchet action, allowing the user to reposition the wrench having to disengage it from the fastener.
Flare Nut Wrench:
The 6 point open end design of this wrench makes it suitable for work on industrial, commercial, and automotive cooling systems, where the fasteners and accessories are made of soft metals such as brass and copper whose structure could be damaged if they were manipulated with a regular open end wrench.
Deeps Tools Pvt Ltd
320-21 Industrial Area-A,
Ludhiana -141 003, Punjab
Tel: +91-161-2222472, 2221624
Fax: +91-161- 2600584, 2222403

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