Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd.

Floorings, repair kits, coatings
Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a wide range of epoxy-based industrial maintenance solutions, specialty anticorrosive protecting coatings, silicone sealants, anti-seize lubricants, glass flakes and ceramic filled epoxy coatings, etc.
Our products
Industrial protective coatings: These protect industrial structures and equipment against corrosion, erosion, heat, chemical attack, fungus, UV radiation, seepage, etc.
Koroguard TM: Anti-corrosive 100 per cent solids, high performance epoxy-based coating system for outstanding resistance to moisture, water, acid, alkalis and corrosive media. Used for steel structures, tanks and equipment under severe corrosive environment,
Koroguard 10: Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial coating system, non-shrinking, chemical-resistant 100 per cent solid epoxy system. Used for HVAC systems, lagoons, dairy equipment, meets FDA guideline (non-toxicity certified).
Koroguard UW: Recommended for underwater damp/moist surfaces, used for dams, water gallery, concrete structure or tank.
Multiguard: Two part epoxy system for steel structures, pipelines and equipment exposed to humid atmosphere, mild chemical resistance.
Multiguard PU: Two-part polyurethane coating system with excellent UV resistance,
Chemguard: Protects base metal or concrete against chemical attack. Sustains 33 per cent HCL, used for coating on tanks of chemical plants, fertilizer plants, emulsion applications.
Industrial acid resistant floorings: Designed to save industrial floor from chemical attack and protect from damage, oil spillage, etc.
Self-leveling floor: Self-leveling monolithic epoxy flooring Floor Coat SLF — especially suited for industrial and commercial establishments where monolithic, dust and bacteria-free environment is needed. It has high gloss surface finish, excellent resistance to water, oil, etc.
Ms. M. Sayed/C. G.Pathak
Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd.
T-77 Bhosari Industrial Estate
Pune 411026, Maharashtra
Tel: +91-20-30623131/32/34
Fax: +91-20-27111883

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