Designed for corners: Curved linear guides from igus

New lubrication-free drylin solutions for custom design concepts
 Individual requirements and space optimisation calls for new ideas in the field of design. In the instance of linear plain bearings, the straight structured rail guide has caused certain limitations. Now the plastics expert igus also offers curved drylin rails, which give the designers more freedom such as, in the cabins of construction and agricultural equipment.
Utilising the drylin W linear plain bearings, igus has developed a new offer for linear guides that provide a functional reliable and cost-effective solution even for curved travel paths. The curved guide rails are made of aluminium and have an exceptionally resistant hard-anodised coating. Customised guide carriages thereby implement cornering without tilting or seizing.
In addition, appropriate hand clamps can be added. Low installation effort and maintenance-free operation are the strengths of the new system, which like all drylin systems combine low friction coefficients with dirt-repellent dry operation. The drylin aluminium rails are also easy to machine individually and are characterised by their light weight.
Use in driver’s cabsThe driver’s cab of an agricultural machine is a good example of how curved guide rails can increase flexibility in the adjustment of monitors, seats or fittings and ideally adapt to the general design of the machine. Every agricultural machine has its specific frame sizes and design requirements. Adaptable, modular components create the necessary leeway to achieve custom solutions. The curved drylin rail can be configured. Within certain physical limits, users can choose their own bending radius and therefore optimally fit in the driver’s cab. igus manufactures the section rail according to these specifications and provides the individual rails and linear bearings from the range of drylin W and drylin T. 
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