Dev Industrial Coatings

Polyurethane Paints, Epoxy Paints & Chlorinated Rubber Paints
Dev Industrial Coating is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and engaged in manufacturing of paints and coatings in India and abroad.
Products: Polyurethane Paints, Epoxy Paints, Chlorinated Rubber Paints, Stoving Finishes, N.C.Paints, Acrylic Finishes, Heat Resistant Paints, High Gloss Synthetic Enamels, Super Synthetic Enamel, Etch Primer & Anticorrosive Primers etc.
Polyurethane Paints: Polyurethane paint with very good colour retention and gloss even under UV rays the coating has very good resistance to atmospheric weathering conditions. Long lasting finish coat in chemical and fertilizer plants, storage tanks earth moving equipments and structures also wherever high abrasion resistant and exterior durability is required.
Epoxy Paints: Epicoat is a two component cold cured Epoxy which forms an extremely tough, high performance coating. Epicoat possesses good flexibility and remarkable resistance to oils, chemicals, acids and alkalies Long lasting finish coat on a variety of substrates such as steel structures, pipelines, chemicals plants,  machinery, oil tankers industrials floors etc.
Chlorinated Rubber Paints: Zinc chromate yellow primer is single pack air drying Enamel paint pigmented with Zinc chrome and conforming to IS104/1979. The Primer can be applied over steel surface exposed to marine and inland outdoor conditions, General purpose primer for steel and non-ferrous metallic surface.
Heat Resistant Paints: Etch primer is a two component air drying system comprising of base and activator. It has poly vinyl butyral resin along with Zinc tetroxy Chrome to IS 5666-1970 and is also known as wash primer. Each primer is applied on metal surfaces like galvanized steel, aluminium, tin etc. Etch primer gives a very thin adhesive coating for further application of primer or finish paint.
Super Synthetic Enamel: Epicoat Primer has two component (2K) epoxy primer having anti-corrosive rust inhibitive pigments. Epicoat Primer must be used where a finished coat of Epicoat Epoxy paint is to be applied. It has excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates like metal, wood and concrete etc.
Dev Industrial Coatings        
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