DURAmembrane – A Durable Waterproofing Solution

DURAmembrane – A Durable Waterproofing Solution
In recent past, usage of construction chemicals for waterproofing had increased, as the construction industry had grown on a sustainable basis. There is a sudden shift from conventional rigid waterproofing technologies, which predominantly consist of single material viz. bituminous coatings and felts to elastomeric waterproofing and coatings which are a combination of several materials to achieve major performance advantages on a long term basis.
Ajay Mohta, General Manager, Construction Accessories Division, The Supreme Industries Ltd said, “Supreme offers cost effective and efficient waterproofing solutions for the construction industry. We have launched DURAmembrane for waterproofing of basements and roofs. DURAmembrane is a high performance, composite polymeric membrane which is durable and lightweight. It is non-deteriorating, puncture resistant and is available in length up-to 50 meters.”
DURAmembrane is a new offering in the portfolio of competent and DURAble products of the Construction Accessories Division.  It is a versatile material, capable of retaining the dryness of concrete, masonry, metal and wood structures and is resistant to salts, alkalis, and most acids. It is offered as a quick and easy-to-apply system, ensuring hassle-free maximum productivity. According to the Company, Supreme is the only manufacturer of this type of water proofing membrane in India. DURAmembrane can be used for applications like – concrete roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing and also water proofing of bathrooms & terrace gardens. It can not only be used in new constructions but also at the time of repair of a structure.
India being a tropical country has diversity in climates. Some regions in India have hot tropical weather while some parts have heavy monsoons. When the ambient temperature varies between 0 to 50°C, the overlying treatment is called upon to withstand a corresponding variation of – 1 to 65°C. DURAmembrane meets these challenges with complete and effortless ease and can withstand temperature ranging from – 40 to 115°C.
Roof treatments have to withstand more than just surface expansion and contraction. Like structural movements or the setting of the building with time. Sudden drops in temperature results into thermal shocks. DURAmembrane has excellent elongation and tensile strength that enables it to take all movements in its stride. It is fracture, crumble, shatter and abrasion proof and resistant to most corrosive chemicals.
“DURAmembrane is a first of its kind of concrete roof and basement water proofing product, specially designed to withstand the hot and humid Indian conditions. Our membrane is going to solve problems and reduce huge losses arising out of water leakage. The entire construction industry will benefit from this product,” Mr. Mohta concluded.

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