Dynavac India Pvt Ltd

Single Phase & Industrial Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners
Dynavac India Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Dust Collectors, Blowers and other similar Industrial cleaning Equipment. Dynavac machines are rugged in construction and built for heavy duty industrial cleaning and collection of various types and sizes of dust, waste, raw material etc. Dynavac not only helps to keep industrial environment clean and safe, it also helps by custom designing suction equipment for specific needs such as, multi point suction capable centralized vacuum cleaning solutions, vacuum conveying systems, reusable material recovery systems, vacuum tables, etc.
Products: Single phase vacuum cleaner (wet & dry), Industrial Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner (Dry), Industrial Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner (Wet & Dry), Dust Collector, Dust Collector (Wood Collector), Side Channel Blower  & Centrifugal Blower.
Single Phase Vacuum Cleaner (Wet & Dry): Dynavac single phase vacuum cleaners are built for quick, quiet, dependable pickup of wet or dry materials. These vacuum cleaners come with standard stainless steel tank which offers superior strength and durability. The sleek design makes them easy to handle and maneuver in difficult terrains. These wet and dry vacuum cleaners have quickly gained a huge reputation in the market for their unique features.
Features: High Vacuum, Low Noise Level, Wet & Dry application, Reusable Filter Bags, Large volume waste storage tank, Compact, Wide range of nozzles, Stainless steel waste storage tank, Easy to operate and Handle & Light duty–Intermittent operation.
Industrial Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner (Dry): Dynavac heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners are developed for rugged use and facilitate non-stop operation. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are available in a variety of sizes and with different suction capacity to suit waste removal requirements. The motors in vacuum cleaners are directly coupled with the turbine and that reduces the number of moving parts, which in turn increases the efficiency of the unit and minimizes maintenance costs. The waste material is collected in reusable & washable filter bags, which is easy to vacate. These high vacuum suction machines can also be attached with pre-separators (optional) which allow doubling of tank capacity for bulk gathering of material.
Dust Collector: Dynavac manufactures a wide range of dust collector systems. The dust extraction solutions deliver consistent, unbeatable reliability for a wide range of applications and industries. Dry series dust collectors use a two process dust separation system-cyclone separation and cloth filter separation. Besides the standard catalog selections, the Company also manufactures highly customized units to exactly match customers’ requirements. The Company provides customized ducting solutions along with dust collectors for specific dust collection requirements
Dynavac India Pvt Ltd
302, ALG Farms, Nambialaganpalayam,
Vedapatti (P.O), Coimbatore – 641 007
Tel: +91-422-6526211
Fax:  + 91-422-2472267

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