Elite Thermal Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Steam boilers, thermic fluid heaters
Elite Thermal Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is well equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities like automatic coil bending machines, plate bending machine, radial drilling machine, etc.
Our products
Steam boilers (oil- or gas-fired):
•     Designed & manufactured in accordance with Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR)
•     Able to generate instant steam within 4 to 5 minutes from cold start
•     Fully automatic in operation, so no running attention is required
•     Combustion air pre-heater is an integral part of the equipment giving superior thermal efficiency
•     Economizer is a standard accessory which recovers maximum possible waste heat from outgoing flue gases giving rise to superior thermal efficiency
•     Completely packaged unit with all mountings & accessories fitted along with the unit, so site work is minimized & plug & play concept is applicable Steam boilers (agrowaste or coal- or solid fuel-fired)
•     Designed & manufactured in accordance with Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR)
•     Technically adequate heat transfer areas giving superior thermal efficiency
•     Technically adequate steam space & water space for effective response to fluctuating loads
•     Liberal grate area to ensure complete combustion & eliminate clinker formation
•     Significant saving in fuel cost when the operation is compared to that of an oil fired boiler
•     Multi-cyclone separator (dust collector) is provided as a standard accessory to collect the fly ash particles & clean the outgoing flue gases
•     Manual solid fuel firing so ease of operation & less maintenance
Thermic fluid heaters
•     High operating temperatures (up to 300oC) with low system pressure
•     Robust & reliable with minimum maintenance for burner, pump & controls
•     Simple circuit, no blow downs, steam traps or condensate return systems necessary when compared with a steam system
•     Combined expansion / de-aeration tank simplifies piping work, protects thermic fluid from oxidation & provides continuous de-aeration of thermic fluid thereby avoiding pump cavitation
•     Three pass design
•     Pre-heated combustion air is an integral part of the design giving superior thermal efficiency
Elite Thermal Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Hall No. 2, ‘C’ Wing,
Shree Balwant Niwas
1846/47 Sadashiv Peth
Pune 411030, Maharashtra
Tel: +91-20-2449 1746/ 3553
Fax: +91-20-24489819

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