Everest Blowers Unmatched Quality at Unmatched Cost

Everest Blowers Unmatched Quality at Unmatched Cost
The blower business in India has got tremendous potential and Everest Blowers has always thrived for introducing new technologies backed by its strong R&D commitment. Amit Kapur, Director Technical of Everest Blowers discusses about the blower business in India & his Company’s commitment in an exclusive interview with Subhajit Roy of OEM Update.
Please tell us about your business activities.
We started this company in 1980, so we have been in business for the last 30 years. We are basically in to manufacturing of Roots Blowers (Bi lobe & Tri lobe), Dry Vane Pumps, Mechanical Vacuum Boosters, and Acoustic Hoods & Industrial Vacuum Systems. Our products and solutions are designed to cater to segments such as industrial processing, chemical & pharmaceutical, vacuum furnace, food processing, semiconductor industry, electrical industry, milling & baking, resin & plastic, power generation, waste water, pulp & paper, cement & lime, oil & gas, glass, dry bulk hauling, vacuum loader, aquaculture, electroplating …… to name a few.
We have three manufacturing locations; one in New Delhi & two in Haryana. The Quality Management System of all the three units confirms to ISO9001:2008 standard. The entire production is done in-house backed by complete efficient facilities like marketing, designing, manufacturing, assembly, testing, supply and after sales service.
How do you see the potential of blower business in India?
In India, the blower business has got tremendous potential. We have always thrived for introducing new technologies supported by our strong research and development commitment. We always come out with new solutions and technologies keeping the requirement of customers’ in mind.
Nowadays, with growing awareness about energy savings and environment friendly solutions more and more customers are opting for energy efficient technology. That has also created new vistas for our business.
What is your market share in Indian business?
In the Blower industry, we share around 40 to 45% in Indian market. Major application areas include Waste Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Effluent Treatment, Aquaculture, Pneumatic Conveying etc. Our major clients include Ion Exchange (I) Ltd., Thermax, VA Tech Wabag, Driplex Water Engineering Ltd., Degremont, Hindustan Dorr-Oliver ltd., etc.
In the vacuum systems segment, we are one of the few companies which have introduced this kind of technology. We provide energy saving and environmental friendly solutions and have a very good market share. We are catering to big industry like Cadbury, DSM Infecticides, Cipla, Aurobindo Pharma, Ranbaxy, Hetrolabs and many more. Cadbury’s product Bournvita is processed with the vacuum systems that are supplied by our company to their plants globally.
What are the prime advantages of vacuum systems offered by your Company?
Everest is an ideal & competent partner offering its customers comprehensive engineering and project management capability, attending to its customers’ needs and process requirements to provide the very best engineered solutions. Everest supplies a diverse range of vacuum packages from standard compact units to complex purpose built systems with integrated instrumentation and control panels.
How your products are priced?
Our products are very reasonably priced. 
What about your export market?
Our products are exported to countries like USA, Middle-East, South East Asia and even China. Exports contribute to about 15% of the total group turnover.
How is your Company performing now?
We are growing at a pace of 30 to 35 % for the last 3 to 4 years and this year also we are aiming for the same. We have been able to maintain that same kind of growth even during the economic recession.
What is the prime sector of your focus?
We are catering to nearly all sectors & industries and hence our focus is on all of them.
Any recent development you wish to mention?
Recently we have introduced with new range of Tri Lobe Blowers to replace the conventional Bi lobe blowers. This kind of blowers are of very low vibration level and as much as 20% quite (noise less) as compare to the Bi lobe blowers.
Where do you wish to see your company in next 5 years?
We are trying to capture more of the international market and come out with more energy efficient solutions in all application areas.
So what should be your next venture to capitalize in international market?
We are trying to place dealers in more and more countries like we have dealers in UK, USA and few other countries. Some of our recent achievements include global leaders like Miller, Cadbury and the pharmaceuticals giant-DSM are shifting for Everest blowers.
Are you facing any competition in your area of business?
At Everest, we have always created new application areas for our products & services. We are the largest blower manufacturer in India with an installed capacity to manufacture about 450 blowers per month on a single shift basis. Collectively, our competitors are not even able to touch that figure. We are the only Indian company who makes blowers on CNC machinery imported from USA. Our blowers are exported to advanced countries like USA & Australia. Additionally our blowers are also exported to China, which has more than 40 blower manufactures. So we are sure that if we can sell our products in China, we can sell them in any part of the World.
What about your Chinese counterparts?
I believe, our technologies and products are much superior to theirs.
What was your objective behind participating in Water Expo?
Water Treatment is one of the biggest sectors where our blowers are used. We participate in all major water related exhibition like Water Today’s Water Expo and Everything About Water’s Water EXPO every year. Our main objectives of participating in these exhibitions is branding, exhibiting new products developed and gathering feedbacks from our existing users which become an important design input for continual improvement, new product development and exploring new application areas. Within the three days of Water Expo, I have been able to interact with more than 500 customers of a particular region which is other wise not possible.
Do you wish to make any post-budget comments?
The budget is not growth oriented in the light of a 6.8% projected fiscal deficit. The budget lacks concrete proposals to effectively combat the adverse impact of global meltdown on the export sector. Abolition of Fringe Benefit Tax and Commodity Tax, relief for personal taxation exemption limits and the proposal to overcome difficulties faced by the export trade in Service Tax refund are among welcome features.
First challenge now is to quickly revert to 9% growth and then aim for double digit growth. Additionally we need to make recovery more broad based. Second challenge is to make growth more inclusive. We have to strengthen the food security. Third challenge is to overcome weakness in governments’ public delivery mechanism; a long way to go in this.

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